Foreign Language Challenge

  • Published on: 10 January 2017
  • Swedish Pie Gone Wrong!!!!!


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  • Runtime : 10:59
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  • Jazzie Mace
    Jazzie Mace   6 hours ago

    @7:54 when Grayson hit his head I thought it was cute when he went to Ethan ❤️

  • Aliyahh
    Aliyahh   3 days ago

    9:21 grayson im happy you wanna speak my language :) p.s PLZ COME TO TURKEY

  • Ezgi
    Ezgi   3 days ago

    09.13 feelingss

  • Ilamathi zepherina
    Ilamathi zepherina   3 days ago

    I am from India ,I speak Tamil try reading this word "vannakkam" means greeting someone

  • jenna stout
    jenna stout   5 days ago

    When/if Grayson has kids he won't want them to call him daddy and say to call him dad bc that word has scared him 4 life!!

  • Irmak İnceoğlu
    Irmak İnceoğlu   1 weeks ago

    please speak Turkish more thay was the most adorable thing i have ever seen

  • Fabiha Azam
    Fabiha Azam   2 weeks ago

    The Swedish one was wrong, it should say "vi älskar våra fans"... Anybody here 2019?!!

  • özge ı.
    özge ı.   2 weeks ago

    En azından Türkiye'yi biliyorlar :')))))

  • Chokaj 22
    Chokaj 22   2 weeks ago

    What moves on the left at 8:06?

  • Tea And drama
    Tea And drama   2 weeks ago

    Grayson: gets hit in the head twiceEthan: gets hit in the nose twiceMe: how does this happen 😂😂

  • Natalia Valenzuela
    Natalia Valenzuela   2 weeks ago

    As a Mexican myself,I’m used to eating a lot so super spicy stuff,but habanero is another level of spicyness, it’s terrible poor E 😂❤️

  • Jasia G
    Jasia G   2 weeks ago

    When I found out they were taking another break! 2:592019?

  • FNAFQUEEN toybonnie
    FNAFQUEEN toybonnie   3 weeks ago

    Ethan:i don't know any language's someone teach meDuolinguo:COME AND LEARN WITH ME

  • Azra Bakar
    Azra Bakar   3 weeks ago

    9:21 Gray:I like saying that I wanna speak this language, whatever it is!Me: I can teach youuuu!!!!!!😭❤️❤️❤️

  • Olga Thorsteinsdottir

    You should have done icelandic like “góðan daginn” it means good morning

  • imactuallydefne
    imactuallydefne   3 weeks ago


  • Laura O Connell
    Laura O Connell   4 weeks ago

    My language was on this OMGG Tysm 🥺💗✨I love ye so freaking much 🥺💗

  • Trina Cox
    Trina Cox   1 months ago


  • Oz Schragger
    Oz Schragger   1 months ago

    “Vi älskar vara fanatiker” is not a Swedish phrase 🥴

  • Yo Niceu Paprika Tae
    Yo Niceu Paprika Tae   1 months ago

    before the vid, I crossed my fingers and said: pls be Korean in this!after the videome: disappointed (still loved it tho)

  • Xandra Azeliah Dela Cruz

    I'm a Filipino and our language here is Tagalog/Filipino and it is not in the video HAHAHA

  • Kim Lipman
    Kim Lipman   1 months ago

    ‘Goede sfeer’ 🤣🤣 it’s cute how he said it 🥰😂 he said it so wrong...🤪🇳🇱😂

  • Lizzy H
    Lizzy H   1 months ago

    they got copyrighted on their outro music :(

  • Arxoxo
    Arxoxo   1 months ago

    where’s all my italians at?

  • Helene
    Helene   1 months ago

    Heya, im just curious where you got your translations? Cause the swedish you said aint a proper sentence, you didn´t say we love our fans. What you said was "We love beeing fanatics" though the swedish translation for this sentence lacks an extra word. We love our fans would be " Vi älskar våra beundrare". (beundrare means admire-ers but its the closest swedish word i could think of, cause we use so many english words in swedish, like the words fans).But i have to applaude the way you pronounced it anyways Grayson! Swedish is usually really hard for foreigners to speak :) Can´t you do something like this again, but have your followers give you the sentences so they are properly made? :)

  • X jasmine X
    X jasmine X   1 months ago


  • Aiech gio
    Aiech gio   1 months ago

    Imagine getting your nose broken by a Swedish pie though