Hugging Another Dog Too Long | Jealous Dog Reaction

  • Published on: 13 August 2019
  • Hugging Another Dog Too Long | Jealous Dog Reaction

    We had Tucker's friend Riley over for the week and Tucker just could not handle it whenever we showed Riley any attention. This is how he reacts when I give Riley a hug!

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  • Runtime : 3:12
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  • cindy _dynasty
    cindy _dynasty   3 seconds ago

    Bruh they look exactly the same! THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE

  • Mr Real
    Mr Real   9 seconds ago

    Have anyone noticed 1:39 😀😁

  • GreekMaths
    GreekMaths   1 minuts ago

    Anyone notice Linda's gorgeous feet?

  • Rao
    Rao   7 minuts ago


  • Princess Rui
    Princess Rui   7 minuts ago

    This is literally me and my two boys 😂 and I'm still thinking of adding a third one 😉

  • davewreslt
    davewreslt   13 minuts ago

    Some vet told me that dogs don't like to be hugged. hmmmm

  • Doom616
    Doom616   14 minuts ago

    I wish I was the dog

  • Kaitlynn 04
    Kaitlynn 04   18 minuts ago

    Tucker is just like my sisters dog Nugget! I'll be hugging or petting Neptune (My dog) and Nugget will push Neptune out of the way and get all up in my face 🤪

  • Hughujkb Kilhhhfbhgyre
    Hughujkb Kilhhhfbhgyre   19 minuts ago

    I just watch a video where a women lost both arms and legs after kissing her dog. This women is asking for it...

  • Kam ✔
    Kam ✔   19 minuts ago

    What dogs are actually trying to do with u..? Is it playing around or they want something else from u...😅🤭

    ANIMAUL   21 minuts ago

    Soooooooo jeaaalloouuss 🤣

  • Monkey Ball
    Monkey Ball   22 minuts ago

    This is totally me and my little sister. I would have no interest in showing affection to mother UNTIL she shows up.UM, EXCUSE ME? I NEED LOVE TOO!

  • cancelled
    cancelled   23 minuts ago

    brooke houts: abusing her animals linda: i just wanna spread the love

  • Kevin Hunt
    Kevin Hunt   29 minuts ago

    does it mean i have a foot fetish if i want to massage her feet?????

  • no one
    no one   31 minuts ago

    Hope she has a man other than the dogs 🐕

  • nurul fadila
    nurul fadila   32 minuts ago

    i realized tbt your face looks like hermione

  • Bianca
    Bianca   32 minuts ago

    Dog licking on his balls and ass and sniffs shit from other dogs and she let themIn her bed and licks her face!!! 😳🤦🏼‍♀️welcome to the ticks and parasites, just disgusting

  • T.M. W.
    T.M. W.   33 minuts ago

    Dude.. they are so jealous! Lol. .

  • Nisabehere
    Nisabehere   35 minuts ago

    So cute . With their innocents and pure love are priceless ❤❤❤

  • Guidry Marcus
    Guidry Marcus   37 minuts ago

    I like the video when Brook Hout’s dog wanted a hug and her fists got jealous

  • Full G
    Full G   40 minuts ago

    Bet this dogs are getting mutch more than a hug and she doesn't hide it either What a Beautiful World 👨‍🚀

  • Phoenix Yang
    Phoenix Yang   42 minuts ago

    Hooman: oh see two dogs r so cute. They r fighting with each other because they r jealous! Linda (cursing rly hard) : wth screw that lil bitch to hell steal my hooman!

  • Jim Mski
    Jim Mski   43 minuts ago

    I kinda miss having a dog

  • Frazer Spence
    Frazer Spence   44 minuts ago

    A friend of mine has two dogs and they're jealous as hell of each other.

  • Rita Ráczné Szabó
    Rita Ráczné Szabó   44 minuts ago

    Dogs in human's bed = disgusting. My retriver lives in the garden in his own house, not my or my children's bed. An animal in the house, kitchen, bedroom, bath, kids room etc. is not hygienic in my point of view... YT is full of videos like this. Dogs or cats with a baby, with little child... sleeping, eating, playing. I'll never understand this behavior of people.

  • M. Santana
    M. Santana   46 minuts ago

    Cool video but why the captions look like the came straight out of fren world..? yikes😬

  • Nono Ami
    Nono Ami   46 minuts ago

    Please.. Not only dog. What about me?

  • BeachBoy1122
    BeachBoy1122   49 minuts ago

    I think I was just shown a fake Ashley Tisdale woman