Top 10 ASMR Triggers for Sleep

  • Published on: 01 December 2019
  • Can't sleep? No worries! Jojo's got ya the top 10 ASMR triggers for sleep, tingles and relaxation! This video includes less talking but has new and old triggers! From tapping, to scratching, to visual triggers, this video has it all for your sleepy needs!
    0:00 Intro
    1:03 Blue Gloves
    7:57 Brushes on mic
    12:17 Boxing Glove
    16:11 Metal Bottle
    20:42 Flashlight visual trigger and mouth sounds
    26:10 Plastic Pipe
    28:38 Charcoal gloves
    34:11 Mr. Puffy
    36:50 Hair on mic
    39:58 Plastic nails

    Disclaimer: *** This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here:

    This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :) ***

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  • Runtime : 42:12
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  • Carter Netzel
    Carter Netzel   1 weeks ago

    Timestamps :)0:00 Intro1:03 Blue Gloves7:57 Brushes on mic12:17 Boxing Glove16:11 Metal Bottle20:42 Flashlight visual trigger and mouth sounds26:10 Plastic Pipe28:38 Charcoal gloves34:11 Mr. Puffy36:50 Hair on mic39:58 Plastic nailsHave a nice sleep!

  • Alex_ Dangerous
    Alex_ Dangerous   9 hours ago

    Me: wakes up from a deep sleepJojo: uploadsMe: “Aw shit,here we go agian.”

  • SaunX
    SaunX   1 days ago

    The godly glove

  • Elmo Loves You
    Elmo Loves You   1 days ago

    I always fall asleep from your videos thanks to jojo! You really helped me with sleeping and fron calming down for bedtime. Thanks for the help i rlly appreciate it jojo❤

  • Elmo Loves You
    Elmo Loves You   1 days ago

    I always fall asleep from your videos thanks to jojo! You really helped me with sleeping and fron calming down for bedtime. Thanks for the help i rlly appreciate it jojo❤

  • Alzie Valdez
    Alzie Valdez   2 days ago

    Me: do you want to see the most illegal thing I own?*shows this asmr video that’s actually amazing*

  • Pterogator Neels
    Pterogator Neels   2 days ago

    Damn mr puffy ate an ocean 😂 it’s like putting ur ear to a seashell I love it. It’s like waves hitting the shore, makes me feel happy

  • niomi_ playz
    niomi_ playz   2 days ago

    Who else has school in the morning and can't fall asleep so they tried out ASMR 😂😂😂

  • 스태바노메간
    스태바노메간   2 days ago

    hey jojo, just wanted to say thank you for spending your money to buy all sorts of things for the sake of our relaxation and sleep, we all really appreciate your innovative and ever-changing sounds to keep us tingling :) i also think you’re really good at whispers and mouth clickies! never fails to make me tingle :)thank you jojo! 감사 조조 사랑해요 ❤️

  • missklarisa
    missklarisa   2 days ago

    am i the only one who wanted to pop his pimple? it's staring at me.

  • Destinee's World
    Destinee's World   3 days ago

    It's only 10 triggers why is it 40+ minutes.....that's what I thought before I clicked on the video 💤🛌😪.....that is what I thought while watching the video

  • Nonwrath
    Nonwrath   3 days ago

    As he repeats "relax" all i get is fuckin anxiety.

  • Vi Mel
    Vi Mel   3 days ago

    All the dislikes are from the people who are sleeping trying to hit the like button.

  • Ninjoo Mellow
    Ninjoo Mellow   3 days ago

    YouTube called, they want their rewind idea back

  • tyro dan 47
    tyro dan 47   4 days ago

    Damn I can really tell that this guy knows his stuff! The sounds he makes are just so tingle-inducing!

  • Hyper Clash
    Hyper Clash   4 days ago

    Thank u for making me go to sleep in calms me down

  • Zander76
    Zander76   4 days ago

    I’m watching this in a chair

  • Lady Carreno
    Lady Carreno   4 days ago

    You/do you need sleep?Of course -_-*starts doin soundsMe/NoT cReEpY sOuNdS!?!You/ you name it UvU

  • KazuinBacon
    KazuinBacon   4 days ago

    Jojo: incase your lying in bedme: *Triggered* I AMJojo: wearing some headphonesme: IM DOING THAT!!Jojo: then do not watch, this is for people trying to go to IM TRYING TO GO TO SLEEP ITS 10:58 PM ON THURSDAY!!!

  • Anonymous!
    Anonymous!   5 days ago

    jojo:dont watch in less you in your bedme:im not in my bedjojo:save him for later boisme:but im in your bed

  • RunningGunner
    RunningGunner   5 days ago

    Why am I just now getting a notification for this ;~;

  • lυиαяιαи
    lυиαяιαи   5 days ago

    First, I went to latte asmr, I didn’t get the tingles I needed to sleep. Then, I went to TingTing asmr, she gives the best tingles but it didn’t help me sleep, jojo, you’re my only hope. Please help me sleep, it’s like 3:53am on a school night

  • Alexis Cannon
    Alexis Cannon   5 days ago

    The sound the metal bottle makes reminds me of a Tibetan singing bowl and it’s honestly so calming

  • Manny Venegas
    Manny Venegas   5 days ago

    Petition to make a JoJo bizarre asmr role play