The Fermi Paradox II — Solutions and Ideas – Where Are All The Aliens?

  • Published on: 04 June 2015
  • Where are all the aliens? The universe is too big and too old, why have we not met aliens yet? Do they live in computers? Were they wiped out by an ancient super intelligence? Or are we just to primitive to understand their motives? Whatever the answer is, it is incredibly important for our own future.

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    Fermi Paradox II – Solutions and Ideas

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  • Runtime : 6:17
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  • Xninja
    Xninja   3 hours ago

    how come this and the last video had a poke mon like magnemite and mew

  • Nicholas eaves
    Nicholas eaves   3 hours ago

    The easiest and most optimistic solution to the Fermi paradox is that we're either the first or one of the first. In comparison to the projected lifespan of the universe in regards to star and planet formation, it's just getting started

  • Zayn Shaikh
    Zayn Shaikh   10 hours ago

    Alien life can be Pokémon’s 0:08 , 1:50 , 2:26

  • Ahn James
    Ahn James   12 hours ago

    damn, i saw Mew but forgot to catch it....

  • CakeFaceCZ
    CakeFaceCZ   18 hours ago

    What if there are planets with life but we have the most advanced technology?

  • Dirty Dish
    Dirty Dish   1 days ago

    Type 3 Civilization: Heard of Manifest Galaxy?

  • Joseph Stallin
    Joseph Stallin   2 days ago

    Wait...If Fermi Paradox eps 1 have 19M viewsWhy Fermi Paradox eps 2 only have 10M views??? Where everyone gone???

  • Rohan Jain
    Rohan Jain   2 days ago

    One day we're going to find aliens and after a few years they will no longer be a wow factor - we'll talk with them regularly work together and all the stuff... I want to be born during those times man

  • Bobby Clay
    Bobby Clay   2 days ago

    God's infinite wisdom to keep destructive civilizations away from other life.

  • Ethan Gallegos
    Ethan Gallegos   3 days ago

    I wonder if on alien planets they make horror movies about us and wonder if we exist

  • Nunya Beeswax
    Nunya Beeswax   3 days ago

    I think you just answered your own question in the last video. "What is the Great Filter? Is it behind us, or in front of us?" I think the great filter is the Matrioshka Brain, or basically the plot of "Ready Player One". There are aliens, but they don't have the motivation to discover us because they have their "eternal" computer pleasure. That's what our filter is: we ain't going to want to do anything else when we get that "Ready Player One" technology, & we're going to die out.

  • Jesrael Cruz
    Jesrael Cruz   4 days ago

    What if we are the one sent by the aliens, dismantling every resources imaginable, until life on earth is impossible and jump to another livable planet only to repeat the process?

  • operations1000
    operations1000   4 days ago

    2:25 If I saw a floating holy pink cat thing with an immense aura I'd probably respond with: "Yes"

  • Kim jong un
    Kim jong un   4 days ago

    I am 20yrs old from India i love watching your video's. Your channel is so informative. Thanks for providing knowledge in very simple manner.

  • Brendan Roper
    Brendan Roper   4 days ago

    did anyone else think... hey it's mew! at 1:52

  • Víctor Rojas
    Víctor Rojas   5 days ago

    What if our intelligence is so low that no matter what we do, our species is not made for something bigger, what if the universe as we know it is not even close to the REAL universe, we just can't see it because our species is not advanced enough, i mean what about dark matter? too much thinking staaahp

  • EnvisionerWill
    EnvisionerWill   5 days ago

    2:03 I actually think it's more likely that our communications technology is ahead of the curve compared to other species that might have evolved; I doubt that other sapient beings are as emo and codependent as us. We almost certainly won't turn out to be the strongest, smartest, weakest, or stupidest creatures in the universe, but we might very well turn out to be the most talkative.

  • EnvisionerWill
    EnvisionerWill   5 days ago

    The smartest squirrel I can imagine is smarter than any human being I've ever heard of.

  • white raven
    white raven   5 days ago

    Rupaul drag race have fucked up drag.

  • 85Funkadelic
    85Funkadelic   6 days ago

    We still have apocalyptic weapons pointed at us.

  • kanehai
    kanehai   6 days ago

    lmao an easter egg for mass effect

  • Student Oleg Grypas
    Student Oleg Grypas   6 days ago

    A dragon ball z kami reference is the last thing that I would expect in here 5:07

  • Bruh 69
    Bruh 69   6 days ago

    Isn’t that alien a mew from Pokemon

  • Nltvp
    Nltvp   6 days ago

    Two questions: How is abiogenesis possible, and second, how can the cell membrane encapsulate the necessary ingredients?

  • Nltvp
    Nltvp   6 days ago

    They weren't smart enough that they didn't unite and begin space exploration? I mean to other solar systems.

  • ECL28E
    ECL28E   6 days ago

    I've a feeling aliens would see life on this planet as most of it glows at night, thanks to the invention of lightbulbs

  • Makinot ❺
    Makinot ❺   1 weeks ago

    we are not alone at earth there are another creatures ...