Recreating Discontinued Burger King Menu Items (TASTE TEST)

  • Published on: 08 November 2018
  • We've recreated discontinued menu items from Burger King! Should pizza burgers come back, or stay right where they are? GMM #1418

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  • Runtime : 12:36
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  • Preit Pro
    Preit Pro   6 hours ago

    Link when was the last time you eaten a tomato? Also why don't you like it? Was it something you didn't like when you were a kid and made yourself to not like it when you got older? Taste buds change when you get older. Give the tomato a chance.

  • Eesah Jangir
    Eesah Jangir   17 hours ago

    Who else remembers agp trying the yumbo and the whopperito 😂😂

  • Dom I
    Dom I   3 days ago

    hahahahahahaha "please don't slurp you burger like that" xD

  • Satyam Gawali
    Satyam Gawali   3 days ago

    Why does link wraps his lips around the food like that?

  • Sparkley Pegs
    Sparkley Pegs   3 days ago

    My mums fave sandwich in the 70's, the Yumbo.

  • superman10408
    superman10408   4 days ago

    Get Josh to rebuild the Indiana Jones whopper or the indy whopper

  • Thoughtful Samosa
    Thoughtful Samosa   5 days ago

    Me asking the real questions: THERE'S A MANHATTAN IN KANSAS!?!?!

  • Noor Ebrahim
    Noor Ebrahim   1 weeks ago

    What about the pizza burger... Not the one they tried but there was literally a huge whopper sliced like pizza...

  • anthony venturella
    anthony venturella   1 weeks ago

    Please don’t slurp your burger. He does it again. God help you Rhett.

  • InfiniTeaTv
    InfiniTeaTv   1 weeks ago

    thought you were going to do the chocolate whopper

  • Judy Chen
    Judy Chen   1 weeks ago

    6:36 6:37 6:38 6:39 6:40 9:03 9:04

  • P L
    P L   1 weeks ago

    8:04 yumbo not yummy

  • P L
    P L   1 weeks ago

    6:13 yumbo

  • bob reno
    bob reno   2 weeks ago's a fact..the yumbo never went can still get it.

  • Asian Man
    Asian Man   2 weeks ago

    I thought they still have the Mac and Cheetos

  • Asaiah
    Asaiah   2 weeks ago

    "We did some research" "Thanks Snopes"

  • Elizabeth B
    Elizabeth B   2 weeks ago

    Rhett’s shirt reminds me of genitalia

  • Jaqueline Janosi
    Jaqueline Janosi   3 weeks ago

    What is queso sauce though??? I am confused. Is that a texmex thing? I never saw it here in Mexico.

  • Humberto Correa
    Humberto Correa   3 weeks ago

    I missed the french and italian sandwiches from Burger King

  • Jeff
    Jeff   3 weeks ago

    Did you know Burger King got Dairy Queen pregnant!! He forgot to wrap his whopper

  • Kyiwann Smith
    Kyiwann Smith   3 weeks ago

    Who wants the NBA to bring back the Seattle Super Sonics? Or just leave it as the Oklahoma City Thunder?

  • Chad Wolter
    Chad Wolter   3 weeks ago

    Lol the snack wrap works good w McDonald’s

  • Alfred L
    Alfred L   3 weeks ago

    People who don't like tomato are weak, childish, and evolution will have its way with you.

  • Bailee’s Bookshelf
    Bailee’s Bookshelf   3 weeks ago

    Sandwiches are often nicknames sarnies in Britain and Australia. Maybe that was it? idunno...

  • Joey W. *Rise*
    Joey W. *Rise*   4 weeks ago

    It's March 2020 and I still want the whoppurito back

  • Z0L0N
    Z0L0N   4 weeks ago

    I loved the mac and cheetos sticks. My body didn't. :p

  • mabelll
    mabelll   1 months ago

    Talks about the Mac Wrap:Me: ate one every day after softball practice in eighth grade 😂😂😂

  • mabelll
    mabelll   1 months ago

    Why does that Clifford guy look like the heavens gate leader

  • Joe Dillard
    Joe Dillard   1 months ago

    Was there any queso on the burrito? The boys made no mention of it