In Norway, Everyone Can Know How Much You Earn

  • Published on: 14 April 2016
  • Wage transparency is a strange concept for most of us: not so in some of the Nordic countries. And while Norway, Sweden and Finland differ in exactly the amount of access they give the public, fundamentally your tax return would be public knowledge there. So how does it affect the world? And is it a good idea?

    Let's look at the science and find out.

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  • hauribest
    hauribest   1 days ago

    In Sweden you can also easily look up (almost) everyone's address, phone number and birthday online. It's handy and something I've missed in other countries I've lived in.

  • Vinnie P.
    Vinnie P.   2 days ago

    Public officials should have Public records. Seems obvious enough to me

  • Will Praetorimos
    Will Praetorimos   2 days ago

    Ahh, the true nerd's choice: interview random people through active socialising, or just "science it".

  • 벚꽃이재
    벚꽃이재   3 days ago

    Last job, two months at EUR1521.22 so roughly EUR3042.44 (without taxes).You?

  • Lee Shallis
    Lee Shallis   1 weeks ago

    retail assistant here, just over 13520 a year (rounded down), you next :)

  • IceCrasher
    IceCrasher   1 weeks ago

    I‘d love if everybody would do this. Like in Sweden and co, where it‘s just the government who writes this in law :D

  • Rune Rafell
    Rune Rafell   1 weeks ago

    We dont care 😂 the goverment pays us inn the end anyway🤷‍♂️😂

  • TheGamerSK
    TheGamerSK   2 weeks ago

    Student here. I make about 60€ per month.Now you

  • Title
    Title   2 weeks ago

    Student here. About 150 to 100 dollars a month. Your turn, Scott.

  • Odessa Ciella
    Odessa Ciella   2 weeks ago

    I think there should be much more transparency so you know if someone at any there place doing your job is getting more or less so you can add that to when you want a new jon

    Jan ŽATECKÝ   2 weeks ago

    Dodgy Dave wouldnt be happy to share his income.

  • gbot
    gbot   3 weeks ago

    I'm a public servant, so my wages are online and searchable. So, your move Tom

  • Marius
    Marius   3 weeks ago

    Well i earn between 0$ and 1000$ a year

  • Burken Productions
    Burken Productions   4 weeks ago

    Yes of course, in Sweden too, it's all public info. Thought it was that world wide.. It's nothing weird that you can know that.

  • Kate The Goat
    Kate The Goat   4 weeks ago

    "I don't wanna know who earns more than me because it would make me uncomfortable" sounds a tiny bit like "I don't wanna know I have cancer if I have it because it would make me uncomfortable to know"

  • Tiddlesworth
    Tiddlesworth   4 weeks ago

    I feel like youtubers should be forced to be more transparent about how much they make since they make their money off of us. Reminiscent of those streamers begging for money because they cant sustain their channel only to find out they are doing perfectly fine in the financial field. Now thats gross.

  • dwoodman26
    dwoodman26   4 weeks ago

    Can we not have something in the middle? Like all public sector workers releasing their earnings.After all, I would quite like to know how much I as a tax payer am paying them...

  • Amando Abreu
    Amando Abreu   4 weeks ago

    If you check someone's salary they will be notified that you checked.

  • Max anders
    Max anders   1 months ago

    women here are looking up your tax records before they date you to make sure to golddig

  • timpyrules
    timpyrules   1 months ago

    Talking about how much money you earn during social activities is also taboo in the Netherlands but so far as I am aware its not too weird within a company or department. You wouldnt talk witg your neighbour about how much you make but you will talk with your colleagues about it. Of course this varies on how high up you are in the company

  • Trevin Beattie
    Trevin Beattie   1 months ago

    From what I can remember, my income has bounced from $7.50 / hour to $50K / year to $15 / hour to $150K / year to $100 / hour, with a few spots of unemployment scattered here and there. So over the course of my career I've learned to put a large enough buffer into savings when my income is high enough that I can get by for several months to a year when the income dries up. Even though I'm in decent financial shape at the moment, I know it has involved a lot of luck and a very large portion of the population is not so fortunate. That's why I support the idea of universal basic income.

  • A J
    A J   1 months ago

    No way!

  • joseph jackson
    joseph jackson   1 months ago

    Here in the US of A I have no clue what anyone makes.

  • oh ok
    oh ok   1 months ago

    We can check how much scandinavian youtubers earn

  • BurntToast7
    BurntToast7   1 months ago

    Isn't Tom contractually obligated not to tell us?

  • Felipe Lorenzzon
    Felipe Lorenzzon   1 months ago

    In brazil, you can search anyone's ID number and find out how much the person earns from the federal government as a salary or as occasional amounts of money. I think this is essential because it gives transparency to the government

  • i_love_marben
    i_love_marben   1 months ago

    Norway is robbery dude, like people who are earning just over 1,000,000, kroner are getting taxed 40% plus

  • Daniel C. Freteval
    Daniel C. Freteval   1 months ago

    In France politicians are supposed to aboey the law too and have accurate tax bills. But 99.9% of them are all lying and cheating. Every year we have massive scandals of corruption and fraud, yet they never go to jail nor do they setup out of their positions. This is democracy when medias are owned by banksters.

  • SuperVegitoFAN
    SuperVegitoFAN   1 months ago

    Because i cant see any real negatives... is why im nervous about doing so.

  • hckyroxs
    hckyroxs   1 months ago

    In many provinces in Canada there's something called the Public Sector Salary Disclosure aka the "Sunshine List". It's a list that's published yearly detailing any public sector employees (government, healthcare, teacher, etc.) that earn over $100,000 CAD. While I don't really agree with publishing private sector employee job salaries other then anonymously for fair wage use, I think it's great to have the transparency when it comes to any jobs that are paid by taxes.

  • Богдан Кондратов

    The amount you earn is public... unless your income is, let’s say, is partially under the radar. Which is rather easily achievable unless you live on a salary alone, of course.

  • Martin G
    Martin G   1 months ago

    Roughly £2.1k pcmYour turn