• Published on: 14 January 2020

    The Los Angeles Lakers scored 81 2nd-half points en route to their 128-99 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was their 9th-straight victory. LeBron James scored 31 PTS on 12-16 shooting, and Dwight Howard added 21 PTS and 15 REB. Kevin Love led the Cavaliers with 21 PTS and 11 REB.

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  • Runtime : 9:33
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  • SuperRip7
    SuperRip7   13 minuts ago

    Lakers scored huge the second half.01-27-20.

  • Atrain973 main4life386

    Honestly I don’t think we should’ve been up only by one point around the third quarter. Too close of a game .

  • Richie V.
    Richie V.   1 weeks ago

    Okay anyone saw that cavs player stand in front of lebron as though he dunked on him. Lebron was no where near but good job pissing off the 👑. he just shat on your team.

  • Phil Smith
    Phil Smith   1 weeks ago

    CliveNBA's full game highlights are better than yours asshole!!!

  • Creative Jer Jer 3.0
    Creative Jer Jer 3.0   1 weeks ago

    The Cavs just need to play better defense because they usually start with a lead but can’t continue it

  • Myron Jr
    Myron Jr   1 weeks ago

    AD to miss all star game?

  • Jake Myers
    Jake Myers   1 weeks ago

    Why are they not playing Troy Daniels? Something is wrong with this Vogel guy!

  • Bella Bogen
    Bella Bogen   1 weeks ago

    Lakers on the way.. go Kuzma my honey

  • Chen Po
    Chen Po   1 weeks ago

    The Laker system works well that even Lebron plays catch and shoot

  • Neal Capuchino
    Neal Capuchino   1 weeks ago

    honestly....does the nba play any phucking true hardnose defense?????.

    SDAWG   1 weeks ago

    I love my Lakers and they played awesome against the Cavs but when will we see this Lebron when he plays against the Clippers?? Until I see this kind of enthusiasm and confidence when Lebron's matching up with Kawhi and the Clippers I'm gonna curb my optimism and or faith in the Lakers ability to beat good teams.

  • Steven Avila
    Steven Avila   1 weeks ago

    Sofia Jamora at the scores table at 9:19 🔥

  • Jake Wilson
    Jake Wilson   1 weeks ago

    LeBron James and Dwight Howard had a blast against the Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James' former team!!! Let's go Lakers!!! I 🖤 L.A!!!

  • andrewf0784
    andrewf0784   1 weeks ago

    Le bron jams used to play for the cavs now he is playing against them as a laker

  • Memo ////
    Memo ////   1 weeks ago

    LBJ my bro but he load manages when it’s time to guard Kawhi but has all the time and energy to shit on garbage teams in the 4th quarter. Damn

  • Cali Drifter
    Cali Drifter   1 weeks ago

    Gotta check out “gonna Learn today” Cali Drifter And Mic Wreka New Rap 2020 🔥

  • jose miguel
    jose miguel   1 weeks ago

    Still a lot of good memories with the Cavs but LBJ had to move on. Great to see KL & TT.

  • nate love
    nate love   1 weeks ago

    James traded back to Cleveland👀🤔

  • Never Mind
    Never Mind   1 weeks ago

    The thing I liked on Alex Caruso was... he can able to read the opponent's plays🤐

  • jboogy259
    jboogy259   1 weeks ago

    Dwight if you had as much courage to shoot that three back in 2009 instead of missing every free throw shot we would have won a NBA title in Orlando ole Asshole 😂😂😂😂

  • I like to comment
    I like to comment   1 weeks ago

    I didn't know Eminem was on the Lakers. I didn't even know he could ball. 😱

  • Troy Addict
    Troy Addict   1 weeks ago

    Kuzma look so fucking gay dude like you can’t be that light skin and pink lips have such light colored hair