• Published on: 10 May 2018
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  • Runtime : 6:50
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  • CaseyNeistat
    CaseyNeistat   1 years ago

    just incase you dont watch the entire video; I DID NOT PAY FOR THE GOLD WINGS (ONLY A JERK WOULD PAY $1K FOR SOMETHING LIKE THAT) the owner is a friend, totally nice guy, he let Sean and I come by and test them out.

  • KaisE
    KaisE   24 minuts ago

    Multimillionaire and still rides a bike of kid.... That is simplicity

  • ToxicYT839
    ToxicYT839   4 days ago

    it lowkey looks like it is wrapped in golden aliminium (tin) foil

  • kishor kumar
    kishor kumar   6 days ago

    Here I am dreaming for one GOLD RING from past 5years and here this man is just having gold like that😭😭 World is not for poor guy like me💔

  • Mohammad Ahnafur Rahman

    If you eat pure gold, it'll affect your brain permanently. You might lose your thinking capability.

  • David Amora
    David Amora   2 weeks ago

    50 chicken wings? Where’s the rest of he wings?

  • Razib Baral JOY
    Razib Baral JOY   2 weeks ago

    Gold plated chicken won't give you extra taste, it gives you golden poop.

  • 76 76
    76 76   1 months ago

    Now imma walk 10 blocks in all possible direction and from this restaurant to find his office

  • Malcolm Armstrong
    Malcolm Armstrong   1 months ago

    Isn't this sort of thing supposed to happen 10 minutes before a civilization collapses and the barbarians arrive.The least you could have done was wear a toga instead of that shell suit.

  • Luka Dine
    Luka Dine   1 months ago

    I work two months for those wings!!!

  • quackss
    quackss   1 months ago

    Wait aren't you vegan..?

  • Ybz_o
    Ybz_o   1 months ago

    Its 45$ for 10 wings and 1000$ for 50 + golden ace of spades champagne or whatever its called

  • Kee Sim
    Kee Sim   1 months ago

    I sub so u get money for it and liked also notifications on

  • Erf Boy
    Erf Boy   1 months ago

    Casey is secretly richer than MrBeast

  • bamarny555
    bamarny555   2 months ago

    I ate a golden steak and and the VIP juice dinner

  • Zoe M
    Zoe M   2 months ago

    Why not put caviar and those expensive ass mushrooms there🤣🤣🤣

    VZVRY   2 months ago

    i just uploaded my latest episode.. highly inspired by casey!why not check out? 🎥

  • carla tirado
    carla tirado   2 months ago

    I love how Casey eats like a kid like he literally is such a kid at heart

  • illusions
    illusions   2 months ago

    Is no one going to notice the fact that he has an android and is spending $1000 on chicken wings

  • Albadr Stop
    Albadr Stop   2 months ago


  • James Maxwell
    James Maxwell   2 months ago

    He’s so rich that he has a gold bike for his gold wings! 😂

    YOBRO   2 months ago

    The music at the beginning matches the gold chicken wings so well

  • Mo .71
    Mo .71   2 months ago

    Are you Sam from the movie :i am Sam

  • aecrim1969
    aecrim1969   2 months ago

    Next morning Casey dropped the most expensive poop in the world.