Why Blue Whales Don't Get Cancer - Peto's Paradox

  • Published on: 01 March 2020
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    Cancer is a creepy and mysterious thing. While we tried to understand it, to get better at killing it, we discovered a biological paradox that remains unsolved to this day: large animals seem to be immune to cancer. Which doesn’t make any sense – the bigger a being, the more cancer it should have. To understand why, we first need to take a look at the nature of cancer itself.

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  • Rutger Teunissen
    Rutger Teunissen   2 hours ago

    The amount of cancer in this comment section is unbelievable

  • Alvin Abalos
    Alvin Abalos   2 hours ago

    Are we not gonna mention the Jay-Z shout out?

  • BlueGaming
    BlueGaming   5 hours ago

    If a blue whale's cells were even 1% as suceptible to getting cancers as a humans. 100% of whale's would have cancers. Therefore they evolved to have 0 risk, because any risk essentially is all the risk

  • ajay sagar
    ajay sagar   5 hours ago

    I changed my phone's language to hindi, and title of this video is now 'kyu blue whale pradhanmantri imran khan jaise dikhta hai'. Anyone else getting this after changing their language to hindi??

  • Codge
    Codge   11 hours ago

    They forgot to code it into the simulation

  • not_so _real
    not_so _real   14 hours ago

    "Video sponcerd by you"Person named you: :00000000000000000000000

  • Axphro
    Axphro   16 hours ago

    I genuinely love you kurzgesagt ❀️

  • May Chen
    May Chen   21 hours ago

    Paused the vid in the beginning and guessed right 2/2!! So proud 😭

  • Mello_ Jello
    Mello_ Jello   1 days ago

    Cancer:*Kills cancer*This is widely considered one of the biggest anime betrayals in history

  • Valerie Ime
    Valerie Ime   1 days ago

    please send me it even i like you’re experien and it’s cool Kurgesagt and Nutshell that was so cool 🀩 and it’s nice i did like you’re video and these books are so awesome 🀩 and send me these books so i can tell my sister about it ok πŸ‘Œ Kurgesagt and Nutshell even you guys are the best Kurgesagt i know that your helping hem make this video so can i join you guys please I really won to join you guys ok πŸ‘Œ

  • jonatan valdes
    jonatan valdes   1 days ago

    Has anyone thought of increasing the speed at which cancer cells grow making it difficult for the body to keep up on providing the mass nutrients causing the cancer to starve and die? And of course removing it after it dies

  • Danika Decelles
    Danika Decelles   1 days ago

    Hypertumors in a nutshell:Solve a problem... with a problem.

    PRIMAL GAMER XD   1 days ago

    I guess your mom is immune to cancer AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHha

  • Felix Enge
    Felix Enge   1 days ago

    The way that the cancer is killing cancer is by cutting of their energy source right? If a human gets cancer can’t doctors just do the same thing to kill the cancer? Or am I stupid?

  • Robert
    Robert   1 days ago

    Do you have any idea how much money big pharma would loose annually if a cure for cancer was discovered?

  • Sean B
    Sean B   1 days ago

    Animals don't smoke, drink alcohol, or eat processed foods...maybe that's why they don't get cancer?!?

  • autistic polarbear
    autistic polarbear   2 days ago

    "Large animals seem to be immune to cancer"Karen on facebook: UNLIMITED........POWER!!!

    CHETANYA SHARMA   2 days ago

    has anybody ever who owns that black bird used most frequently in the videos ?just me ? ok.

  • Tom Kastner
    Tom Kastner   2 days ago

    Most of the big animals are vegetarian

  • ibraman0013
    ibraman0013   2 days ago

    I thought cancer cells can only feed on carbs... so no carbs= no cancer?

  • Vinny
    Vinny   2 days ago

    ' I used the cancer to destroy the cancer ' ~ Thanos

  • Michael Brent
    Michael Brent   3 days ago

    What if.... we are giving ourselves more cancer with all the man made chemicals we ingest...

  • professional content stealer

    I know it's because the more cells the body has the more they probably have to check the cells idk I'm stupid

  • supercomputer2004
    supercomputer2004   3 days ago

    Theoretically if someone gets cancer. Couldn't we take a sample of that tumor and genetically engineer it to kill the origonal cancer. Just requiring new weekly injections of a new cancer cancer?

  • Sean Lal
    Sean Lal   3 days ago

    Why is cancer hard to beat im already at stage 4