Emergence – How Stupid Things Become Smart Together

  • Published on: 16 November 2017
  • How can many stupid things combine to form smart things? How can proteins become living cells? How become lots of ants a colony? What is emergence?

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    Emergence – How Stupid Things Become Smart Together
  • Runtime : 7:31
  • emergence ants intelligence ant sum of its part more is more soul conciousness funny fascinating life human cell animation kurzgesagt in a nutshell


  • Jacob P
    Jacob P   17 hours ago

    What I got from this was that water is, in fact, not wet

  • Sugar Daddy
    Sugar Daddy   21 hours ago

    But ants are stupid, how does it keep track and counts numer of ants per role?

  • Alexis Baliari
    Alexis Baliari   1 days ago

    The misteries of our Universe, makes the universe so beatiful. Though as Kurzgesagt teached us, beauty is a construct made from our brain thanks to evolution. That means that we evolved being used to not know things...if we get to resolve all of the universe misteries...that will be a really unconfotable moment.

  • Adam Bright
    Adam Bright   2 days ago

    Emergence is exactly the reason why capitalism is the most efficient system any society can have. Top down control can never come close to individual autonomy and interaction in the marketplace. Any form of government or most forms of centralized planning, will never come close to the effectiveness of market signals and competition. And yet in this supposed civilized world we live in, most people will ignore this side of the argument. That emergence cannot be the sole mechanism for the organization of society. Republicans controlling social lives, Democrats controlling money flow. Republicans think they know what's best for our social interactions and Democrats think they know how and where to spend your money better than you do. They're both equally wrong and honestly very arrogant. And it often leads to evil.Just look into emergence, study it. Now apply those rules to society and you'll see how foolish it is to play politics. You'll see how counter-productive taxation and regulation is. Capitalism (the free market) is the best thing that has ever happened in human history and we're about to go into the dark ages because people listen to the fear mongering organized criminals in office. How sad.

  • fotofobiska fågeln
    fotofobiska fågeln   2 days ago

    Ants are actually not stupid. They have great problem solving skills and long distance memory

  • Ziad Khalid
    Ziad Khalid   2 days ago

    Just look at some simple transistors then zoom out a bit and you got the greatest thing that humankind ever created.

  • z_ol_k
    z_ol_k   2 days ago

    This video is just showing you that how apes are together strong but in a more scientific respectful way

  • Nikunj Gupta
    Nikunj Gupta   2 days ago

    Me:*sees the title*Isn’t that what humans do??

  • Tasnim Towmony
    Tasnim Towmony   3 days ago

    I wonder if there is any emergence this universe is creating. Like all these planets, stars, galaxies, black holes etc together maybe become smart creating an emergence as well. Is the universe conscious? Is it serving any purpose? Who knows for sure...PS:English is not my first language. :)

  • Nikolay Ivankov
    Nikolay Ivankov   3 days ago

    Not true. Intelligent design adepts don't seem to become any smarter in any numbers.

  • TheSpikeDevice_Omlet

    Is this what started everyone in my middle school a few years ago asking Is WatEr WeT

  • sepnax
    sepnax   4 days ago

    Ryan can simp me anytime.

  • Lexi Vay
    Lexi Vay   4 days ago

    Lol, your body knows how to do all that to keep you alive and you don't-- who's the stupid one?

  • KiNGz Gota
    KiNGz Gota   4 days ago

    Everybody gangsta till the city comes alive

  • José Gómez
    José Gómez   4 days ago

    Many sociologists make this same argument for humans. It is called functionalism. Society works as an organism that works together to solve the needs and wants for the entire society. Everyone has a job and works toward a common goal. However, I disagree with this because they see conflict as bad, but it could be transformative and good.

  • Arden Ethne
    Arden Ethne   5 days ago

    The music in the video is an absolute bop

  • Ace
    Ace   6 days ago

    So the USA still has a chance

  • don ifan
    don ifan   6 days ago

    I thoughts it is the other "emergence"

  • Alfio Rosario Di Mauro

    Paraphrasing Carl Sagan: it not demeaning to think we are the sum of the interactions of dead matter with itself....

  • Not My Fault
    Not My Fault   1 weeks ago

    Everyone like the animations, but the soundtrack's where the real shit is

  • j g
    j g   1 weeks ago