Polo G - Wishing For A Hero (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid) [Official Video]

  • Published on: 20 May 2020
  • Official video for "Wishing For A Hero" by Polo G featuring BJ The Chicago Kid.

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    Produced by: The Superiors
    Co-Produced & Arranged by: Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman for Gitty Music, Inc.
    Additional production by: Priority Beats
    Additional vocals by: Amanda Brown, Danielle Withers & PHER

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  • Runtime : 3:6
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  • Ladlee
    Ladlee   9 minuts ago

    This police brutality shit is so sad, Martin Luther king didn’t want this. 😔

  • Shantislife
    Shantislife   10 minuts ago

    "if black people followed the rules the wouldn't be killed" wtf (someone said this on George murder video)

  • switch mlb_dunk
    switch mlb_dunk   12 minuts ago

    When I heard what happened to George Floyd I had to pull up to this song

  • Calin Herbst
    Calin Herbst   16 minuts ago

    Best album. You can be sooo proud🙏🏻

  • Ansel Brooks
    Ansel Brooks   22 minuts ago

    this song really getting slept on smh, most underrated song, shit hit different with all the racism going around in the world today

  • MzDollNinnie
    MzDollNinnie   34 minuts ago

    Rest In Heaven , George , Ahmaud , Sandra , Phillip, Treyvon 😡😡😡😡

  • Itskrutzz
    Itskrutzz   37 minuts ago


  • Big Hooper
    Big Hooper   49 minuts ago

    R.I.P Tupac always love ❤️

  • Burnsy
    Burnsy   58 minuts ago

    2.1 million views in a week when a rainbow haired rat can get 20 m views in a few hours.😑 this world doesn’t make sense

  • JoshZ
    JoshZ   59 minuts ago

    Respect To Polo G and He's Family. 🙏

  • BCD
    BCD   1 hours ago


  • Zerxy
    Zerxy   1 hours ago

    It’s crazy that they do that to Hispanics and blacks😔 it hurts

  • Ohbeyh Taz
    Ohbeyh Taz   1 hours ago

    Thats just the way it is hits so hard

  • iSlendrz
    iSlendrz   1 hours ago

    Rip George Floyd ❤️🙏

  • Antonio Ptiček
    Antonio Ptiček   1 hours ago

    This song just hits different. Massive respect to Polo, the real GOAT

  • Zytophon
    Zytophon   1 hours ago

    "It's just the way it is" reminds me of "It is what it is" :/

  • Kyper
    Kyper   1 hours ago

    I love polo bro he has such good word play and he’s always coming up with something unique stay on top (btw when’s the next song with tjay)🕊🤍

  • UzuTheSlayer
    UzuTheSlayer   1 hours ago

    Polo you carrying 2020 on your backThis album finna get him a grammy. Periodtt

  • renoid1972
    renoid1972   1 hours ago

    i aint gone cap the police shoot at my brothas imma bust back

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith   1 hours ago

    Little polo be spiting facts. 💯💯💯🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐 2 pac smiling right now

  • Dj G-yo
    Dj G-yo   1 hours ago

    This made me a Polo g fan

  • Dj G-yo
    Dj G-yo   1 hours ago

    Us Tupac fans are proud of you fam 😃 you took a Legendary song and made it even greater

  • Sami Fawaz
    Sami Fawaz   1 hours ago

    Bro polish is the best rapper stop sleeping on him bro❤️❤️