Here's Why Chrysler is Ending Jeep Production

  • Published on: 12 January 2020
  • Here's Why Chrysler is Ending Jeep Production, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. The end of Chrysler and Jeep in America. The future of Chrysler car manufacturing. Should I buy a Chrysler? Should I buy a Jeep? The truth about Chrysler cars. Chrysler car failures. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 52 years.

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  • Runtime : 10:50
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  • Scotty Kilmer
    Scotty Kilmer   1 months ago

    The Hummer is Back: ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools: 1. Bluetooth Scan Tool: 2. Mid-Grade Scan Tool: 3. My Fancy (Originally $5,000) Professional Scan Tool: 4. Cheap Scan Tool: 5. Basic Mechanic Tool Set: 6. Professional Socket Set: 7. Ratcheting Wrench Set: 8. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter: 9. Battery Pack Car Jump Starter: ⬇️ Things used in this video: 1. Common Sense 2. 4k Camera: 3. Camera Microphone: 4. Camera Tripod: 5. My computer for editing / uploading: 🛠Check out the tools I use and highly recommend ► 🔥Scotty Shirts and Merch ► Subscribe and hit the notification bell! ► Scotty on Social: Facebook ► Instagram ► Twitter ►

  • Mandy Dyer
    Mandy Dyer   1 weeks ago

    I have a Jeep Cherokee trail hawk and I love it. 50 something thousand miles, no issues.

  • Egidio
    Egidio   1 weeks ago

    I hate computer controlled engines! give me back a carburator car!, just build a better carburator!

  • John Martinez
    John Martinez   2 weeks ago

    Sadly the once proud Jeep nameplate has been sullied when Fiat took over Chrysler and forced it's unreliable junk on Chrysler products.Examples : The so called " Multi Air system Fiat bragged as being more fuel efficient has turned out to be a unreliable nightmare.2. Fiat's dual clutch automatic transmission used on the now defunct Chrysler 200 which was based on the Fiat Guilia that was ridden with constant breakdowns and expensive to repair.Finally Fiat's garbage 4 and six cylinder diesel engines that are and expensive option plagued with reliability issues.If Fiat had let their Chrysler division use U.S. or Japanese sourced auto parts these issues could have been avoided and now in addition to the Jeep Renegade which is based on the Fiat 500 and uses it's powertrain which U.S. customers have a long list of complaints about Fiat in their wisdom to employ Italian workers announced they will build the all new redesigned Dodge Journey in Italy too.I predict consumer complaints for the new Journey will skyrocket too and FCA Chrysler will lose more market share in the U.S.

  • Mortisha Styles
    Mortisha Styles   2 weeks ago

    Something big is happining in auto manufacturing.Bye to a lot of I.C.E. vehicles.

  • Michael Wise
    Michael Wise   2 weeks ago

    Jeep is selling more Jeep's then ever I don't know where you heard this from but I don't think there going anywhere anytime soon..

  • A person
    A person   2 weeks ago

    Someone: Shows a picture of a heap of junk, and a picture of an FCA product after a year“Spot the difference”Me: They’re the same picture

  • Zachory Dodd
    Zachory Dodd   3 weeks ago

    I need help with my 1999 Jeep Cherokee. In the recent months Im having recurring problems one after another. It started with a bad fuel pump then the Crankshaft Position Sensor went out after I replaced that it was throwing misfire codes then I gave it a full tune up changed the plugs, rotor, distributor, and ignition coil then it ran really rough and the check engine light came on saying it has a bad pick up coil (camshaft position Sensor) so i changed that then it started back firing then I took that one off and put another new pick up coil on itand now it won’t start and the battery gage on the dash drops to zero and the check gages light comes on. I’m open to any advice and all suggestions on how I can fix this.

  • Matthew Green
    Matthew Green   3 weeks ago

    Toyotas are shity too. After you said to get one I got one and that thing fell apart what a piece of crap.

  • Chris S
    Chris S   3 weeks ago

    I would agree, the Chevy Cruze is the worst vehicle GM makes, one of the worst vehicles in the US, it is possibly the worst car they ever made. But beating the Citation and Vega is a tall order! The only Cherokees I see these days are Trailhawks driven by 50 year old women who want to look young. The Cherokee is too expensive and all of the crossover Jeeps should have the word Dodge written on them. The Wrangler and Grand Cherokee are the only real Jeeps and FCA is slowly killing them.

  • Steve Soltysiak
    Steve Soltysiak   3 weeks ago

    I’m disappointed to hear this. I left GM, never to return after their Equinox 2.4 junk they stuck me with. Since buying my Cherokee 4x4 (2016 87,000 miles) I couldn’t be happier.

  • Wone Motie
    Wone Motie   3 weeks ago

    There shutting the plant in Canada down because of the dictator that is destroying Canada. GM pulled out of Oshawa and it was one of there first plants.

  • busmekanx
    busmekanx   3 weeks ago

    They’ve laid off Windsor plant it makes mini and Brampton makes chargers 300s and challenger

  • B A
    B A   3 weeks ago

    I bought a JEEP last weekend. I call it Elizabeth Warren. Because, it's all white, but it says it's a Cherokee. 😉

  • Bobs World Entertainment Podcast Ltd

    There are too many cars nowadays people need to wake up. . There stacked up at church parking lots, vacant lots, vacant strip malls etc. their all too pricey and sitting everywhere. There’s tons people that would buy them if they were cheaper and built better!

  • M Via
    M Via   3 weeks ago

    Traded our 2017 Jeep Cherokee today.

  • Korey Mayo
    Korey Mayo   3 weeks ago

    There are Honda Elantras with 1 million miles on original powertrain! Honda automatic transmissions never last that long!

  • Korey Mayo
    Korey Mayo   3 weeks ago

    10 years ago I would say buy Honda over Hyundai/Kia, but the tables have turned!

  • Korey Mayo
    Korey Mayo   3 weeks ago

    Get the Hyundai Elantra with 10 year warranty, lower price, more features and is more reliable than Honda now with their GDI engine problems!

  • kebsis
    kebsis   3 weeks ago

    That 'recall on a recall' is like with the fuel pump relay recall Chrysler did on some of their Pentestar engines. Everyone knew they needed a whole new power module but that would be too expensive for Chrysler... Instead, they just sodered in an external power relay that was literally bolted to the frame under the hood. Lo and behold, a few years later and we're getting news that they need to recall again to fix their cruddy fix...

  • leakyjeep5.9
    leakyjeep5.9   3 weeks ago

    Keeping my 98 5.9er. Best set up they ever had hands down.

  • Toxy
    Toxy   3 weeks ago

    I would trust the 2020 Hyundai over a 2020 Honda.

  • Walt's Channel
    Walt's Channel   3 weeks ago

    Cripes!!! Everybody said the Vega was GMs worst car. I got 60K miles out of my 1974 Vega that I only paid $400 for, plus a motor rebuild, $500. The THM 200 transmission was fine!

  • AlainHubert
    AlainHubert   3 weeks ago

    Honda's are stiff, cheaply made, expensive to repair, cars. Hyundai's are a much better value-for-money deals, better equipped, as reliable if not better, more comfortable, less expensive cars. I should know, I drove a 2018 Honda Civic EX for 3 months and then a 2018 Hyundai Elantra GL for the same amount of time (back in 2018). Oh, and the best part is that the Elantra had fine conventional torque converter transmission, and the Civic had the horrible CVT. Honda is getting like Toyota these days: overhyped and overpriced for what they really offer.

  • Emanuel Zarbailov
    Emanuel Zarbailov   3 weeks ago

    If the grand Cherokee wasn’t like $30 more to lease , them the Cherokee would be produced more

  • Rick Capsaholic
    Rick Capsaholic   4 weeks ago

    Guess that's why they're building a new Jeep plant in Detroit?! lol

  • Miguel
    Miguel   4 weeks ago

    Thanks for the video Scotty! Very informative and entertaining.

  • K Sam
    K Sam   4 weeks ago

    Chrysler doesn't get it. Lousy quality control and low quality. No wonder no one wants to buy Jeep.

  • Larry Ford
    Larry Ford   4 weeks ago

    Hey Scotty, what do you think of the turbo engine they put in the 2019 Jeep Cherokee?

  • Gamer Intelligence
    Gamer Intelligence   4 weeks ago

    Hi Scotty I watch your channel and I am big fan of your work. I have 2014 KIA Cerato which i bought new. It has 177000 KMs on the ODO I recently changed the engine mounts and Gear mounting , sway bars, stabiliser bush for the front 2 weels I paid 900 USD dollars for the job to the dealership. After I got my car from the Authorised KIA dealership my AC was not working I was pissed I was told that my AC discharge Hose has a crack and AC has had leaked out I was told to pay 200 USD Dollars I suspect these guys damaged the hose During the Engine mounting replacement what do you think ?

  • Eric M
    Eric M   1 months ago

    All the Mazda 3 rear tires will lean in at the top if you look at them from the rear. All Mazda 3's come with negative camber on the rear tires. That's how Mazda get's the car to handle so fast thru hard fast turns. If the tires are leaning in at the top, that's the negative camber then once you turn into a hard turn all of the tires tread width will give you bite and traction! If the tires had 0 degrees or positive degrees of camber, straight up and down, you will only get traction from half the tread patch.The rear end would be very easy to break traction, and you may end up spinning out or wrecking! Mazda's factory specs are up to -2degrees negative camber, hence your tires leaning. This is totally normal for this car, although it tends to wear the inside of the tread faster than the outside. They do make adjustable rear upper control arms, the factory one's have no adjustment. If you replace them with adjustable upper control arms, I wouldn't recommend going with too much positive camber or the car will be unsafe and not handle or have the traction you are used to! Be Careful if you do, and slow way down before you enter sharp curves or you will spin out, wreck, or at best scare the $hit out of you! lf you look at any race cars they dothis downthe straights riding on the edge of the tires, then enter the turns with the full tread contact patch flat on the surface for maximum traction and speed. I have a Mazda 3 and they are fun and fast and will handle like thay have glue on the tires! If you are driving this Mazda and you change the suspension dynamics, please be careful and no hard cornering. If you are going to be letting your daughter, wife, girlfriend, or a younger driver behind the wheel, DO NOT CHANGE THE FACTORY SETUP! PLEASE!!! It can be a DEADLY scenario that's just asking for trouble!! PEACE.........

  • John Shkoza
    John Shkoza   1 months ago

    Only chance for Jeep to get better is WW3

  • Robert Brumley
    Robert Brumley   1 months ago

    They aren't ending production of the Wrangler because they are selling very well.

  • King Artaxerxes
    King Artaxerxes   1 months ago

    I remember a neighbor bought the very first Jeep Wrangler back in late 1970’s. I think he spent about $1500 on it for a new one. It had a removable canvas top, no windows or doors. Had a windshield.

  • Nukedpancakes3 _
    Nukedpancakes3 _   1 months ago

    Most of the time i see someone say “nobody’s buying these” I see them everywhere. I live in southern ca and I can’t leave my house without seeing a new grand Cherokee