Did They Actually Save Division 2 with Warlords of New York?

  • Published on: 11 February 2020
  • Did the division 2 get saved with the Warlord's of New York DLC? I was flown out to check it out so it is technically sponsored #ad #division2 If you are buying it
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  • Mtashed
    Mtashed   3 months ago

    IF YOU ARE BUYING THE EXPANSION ON EPIC GAMES USE CODE "MTASHED" SO TASH MAN CAN GET PAIDhttps://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/the-division-2/warlords-of-new-york-edition

  • The Real MVP
    The Real MVP   1 weeks ago

    There is a bunch of clowns in the comments section so watch out if you have coulrophobia🤣🤣🤣

  • grantcg
    grantcg   2 weeks ago

    1 minute into the video and I already need to leave

  • Username3544
    Username3544   1 months ago

    I'm not happy with the update. I lost all my "god teir" loadouts and have to start over. I had a merciless build with the auto reload holster that did 3 mil dps and melted enemies.

  • I don’t know A name
    I don’t know A name   2 months ago

    Half these comments are really about the first 30 secs of the vid. Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • John Kober
    John Kober   2 months ago

    My experience is that the loot still sucks.

  • Lyndon Littlecrow
    Lyndon Littlecrow   2 months ago

    I'll be straight up, warlords of New York killed TD2 for me 100% I was like farming and getting into the game a few months before this update after spending $40 on the DLC for all the expansions, then "conveniently" the pass ends when this very crucial "expansion" releases and now I have to spend an additional $40 to level up to 40 and play with the other half of the player base that split off from the ones who didn't stupidly spend another $40 to keep playing a game they paid full price for, TD2 isnt a bad game by any means ubisoft just ruined it by making people who paid the full $80 price tag for this game pay another $80 to keep playing this game. (Thought I'd add for any united states people who dont know reading this comment, the expansion is $40 here in Canada)

  • Jae Kwon
    Jae Kwon   2 months ago

    video title should have been "did they actually save my income source with warlords?". can't trust your opinion when you're getting paid trips and commission on referral sales. i'm out.

  • Nacho Rodriguez
    Nacho Rodriguez   2 months ago

    LMAO "i didnt get paid..." wtf man, what maturity level do you have to be to make a comment like that. disliked and unsubbed.

  • astudios
    astudios   2 months ago


  • Caleb Hunter
    Caleb Hunter   2 months ago

    They have killed the game, split the community and now end game is behind a paywall

  • shouty33
    shouty33   2 months ago

    Screw u asking for ubisoft money lmao I'm glad u got no money other ppl made better videos

  • Chris C.
    Chris C.   2 months ago

    Shit isn't good. Not even worth explaining. Franchise has been dead for awhile. Try it if you want. You'll quit in a week or two.

  • Kervy Choa
    Kervy Choa   2 months ago

    Trash video. Bitching about not getting paid. Stopped after hearing that.

  • LuchettoTV
    LuchettoTV   2 months ago

    Why would they pay for some useless youtubers who just shit talk their games? wake up man.

  • MonsterKat
    MonsterKat   2 months ago

    No... because it’s over priced and the pay wall will stop the population coming back on. Especially while games like Modern Warfare are doing a bunch of free content every season.

  • whatisbestinlife
    whatisbestinlife   2 months ago

    Lead with a colossal whine about people who are not remotely "dedicated" to the game not getting their asses kissed. Stopped watching your video after the time it took me to type this, about 1 min in.

  • Blueblood1270
    Blueblood1270   2 months ago

    Wanted to see how the gear 2.0 changes felt before I decided if I would get it myself, so a friend who has it let me have a couple hours on it ...'It was *******' terrible!!The only good thing about it is recalibrate table, everything else is horrible and feels so bad!!It is going to take twice the time to do the missions with the changes, even with the best gear.Instead of 15 minutes for challenging in pre 2.0, it will take 30 plus with the best level 40 gear and weapons!!Instead of 30 minutes in pre 2.0 for heroic, it's going to take minimum an hour with the best gear and weapons!!So looking at that legendary will take double heroic so I just put it down and no thanks to getting the DLC!!They turned it into a time sync, forcing you to spend double the time in there with "unbalanced" enemies over tuned to hell!!So yes they ruined it for sure!!

  • Valthe1st Gaming
    Valthe1st Gaming   2 months ago

    Should i even get this, i cant justify 44 dollars on something that should have been in the game since the start

  • Eric Ciaramella
    Eric Ciaramella   2 months ago

    $30 for mostly a patch to a disappointment of a game and a community on life support. Doesn't sound like they have introduced enough content to justify the price. Considering a lot of content requires more than one player to complete you basically get to pay for free roaming 👍 hard pass. They needed a resurgence this update...I mean expansion ain't gonna bring a player like me who bought the game and uninstalled it long ago back into the fold especially at a $30 price point 🤣

  • Mike Woz
    Mike Woz   2 months ago

    The map they added is TINY do not waste your money. You will still crouch in the wrong spot and be frustrated with cc, even more so than before. You will spend forever on recalibration station is real BAD. If you don't have a team in PVP the fist time you hit a supply drop or control point they know exactly where you are and you WILL be punished. Don't waste your money on this.

  • Austin Mathes
    Austin Mathes   3 months ago

    Honestly I'd prefer to see proof that others are being paid outright over just what could be considered smearing others for longer video times

  • Byron Nash
    Byron Nash   3 months ago

    Everything was totally nerfed on this update. Did D2 get saved.I doubt it. I just quit D2 and I'm sure there are others will also. Good luck y'all...

  • Benjamin Cheng
    Benjamin Cheng   3 months ago

    The correct way of saying the disclaimer:"I'm not sponsored by Ubisoft, all opinions are just from me."Mtashed: "Ubisoft why didn't you pay me, a dedicated person who never plays your game?"

  • Uplift Mofo
    Uplift Mofo   3 months ago

    All these talents were making the game fun and diverse, now we have a gazillion of brands with same bonuses mixed in different order. Utter trash

  • Lip
    Lip   3 months ago

    U mad bro?

  • Samiri
    Samiri   3 months ago

    You lost me with the ranting of not getting money, sorry.

  • Simple man
    Simple man   3 months ago

    People payed to basically play the division 2016 again. Think about it, the sticky bomb is back. Devs sold a $5 USD game back as a $30 USD DLC.

  • TheRealDPD
    TheRealDPD   3 months ago

    All I can see is Destiny 2 videos in your Channel and you say you're a dedicated TD2 player? Nice!

  • Ali Wardhana
    Ali Wardhana   3 months ago

    I've just jumped on the game recently... And after saw this video I realized... I haven't build my char in a right way lol

  • Daniel Meinhardt
    Daniel Meinhardt   3 months ago

    So if you don't buy the 30$ expansion you don't get the new loot or skills? So are the people who don't buy it just left out?

  • SeeFood Diet
    SeeFood Diet   3 months ago

    Have a sneaky suspicion that Warlords of New York will be on sale for $2.99 soon. They overvalued the content and added an extra 9 the first time.

  • Gustavo R. Dreyer
    Gustavo R. Dreyer   3 months ago

    I came from the future! Save? SAVE?! We can't even speak to a NPC to progress the story of the DLC.