Meet the Woman Still on a Quest to Find $2 Million in Buried Treasure

  • Published on: 27 June 2017
  • One woman is on a mission to find $2 million in hidden treasure that an eccentric millionaire says he buried somewhere in a vast area stretching from Montana to New Mexico. An estimated 65,000 fortune hunters have participated in the hunt for the chest of gold planted by Forrest Fenn. Two men have lost their lives while searching, but those fatalities are not scaring off Sacha Johnston. The 36-year-old single mom of two and realtor has traveled about an hour outside Santa Fe to search.
  • Runtime : 2:13
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    IFLADOG   5 days ago

    I clicked on this thinking it Said 2$

  • Nolan Suraci
    Nolan Suraci   2 weeks ago

    Ayyyyr guess what!!! There is no damn treasure. Lol

  • PieRow
    PieRow   3 weeks ago

    It’s 2020 anyone got an update?

  • Lilyjilly
    Lilyjilly   1 months ago

    bruh...its already been found in April 2019

    RASTA GOD   1 months ago

    White ppl 👀 for anything.. 😆

  • Dolan BabeS
    Dolan BabeS   1 months ago

    How to be this woman:Don’t look around you, only at your feettell the other 64,999k people where you have looked, and not found anythingwalk and not dig👏

  • Charlie Swearingen II
    Charlie Swearingen II   1 months ago

    People searched for years and some shmuck clearing an avalanche finds it..... BTW... There wasn't any

  • Woke Unveiled MaryElizabeth

    Great now she just needs to start a juvenile camp like the movie holes .... she's already got the look down for warden walker

  • stezing
    stezing   1 months ago

    Joey badass once said “it’s the dollar bill that kills”

  • Brooke Weisner (Student)

    So, for everyone who's wondering: the treasure is most likely not underground, he was much older when he hid it and wanted it to be not impossible to find. If anyone wants to know more there's a Expedition Unknown about it in season 2

  • ClaireNicole33
    ClaireNicole33   1 months ago

    Wait she said greed takes over people's common sense!?? Well greedy lady, you have zero common sense looking for hidden money that could be anywhere or nowhere at all lol 😂😂

    JM JM JM JM JM JM   1 months ago

    The treasure is actually not buried underground its. Within a tree

  • Jack
    Jack   1 months ago

    Did the old guy pay someone else to bury this treasure? How does a young person end up in a deadly situation if it's expected that an old man is responsible for burying it?And if he got someone else to bury it who says it's still buried

  • Hmmbruh 1
    Hmmbruh 1   1 months ago

    Just find out where he lives and when he goes to check up on it follow him and take it

  • Lalo Spike
    Lalo Spike   1 months ago

    Who’s here after She found it !!!!! Date 1/30/20 she found it this morning No Joke google it !!!

  • KD3N AL
    KD3N AL   2 months ago

    It's fake there is no treasure the guy's a big douchebag but you're bigger douchebags for believing him lmfao 😂

  • Rainbowsixnoob 13
    Rainbowsixnoob 13   2 months ago

    Everyone else: let’s find this treasure The person that said there was treasure: laughing at all the people that believed him

  • YEET
    YEET   2 months ago

    Rollerworld money in real life

  • Jolyette Frye
    Jolyette Frye   2 months ago

    Sounds like a pipe dream. 💰😱 Some people will fall 4 anything.