Parkourse Obstacle Course Edition! (Ep. 15)

  • Published on: 14 August 2019
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  • Runtime : 15:25
  • ryan higa nigahiga rhpc parkourse ryanhiga paco dereleek greg saniatan will shahan ninja melk games fun


  • EKN
    EKN   1 days ago

    RHC has too much ninja Melk then they got rusty with parkourse

  • clementhe
    clementhe   3 days ago

    Parkourse 17 idea: play actual basketball HORSE lol

  • Wowfi
    Wowfi   1 weeks ago

    Paco’s laugh has me dying

  • diface
    diface   2 weeks ago

    Will's knee buster was pretty questionable. Why hurt yourself deliberately 🤔 I'm starting to wonder if he does that all the time🙈

  • RUDKYH 22
    RUDKYH 22   2 weeks ago

    lady:are you guys doing parkour( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°):NO! IT'S PARKOURSE!!! (brought to you by ninja melk)

  • 360 Kota
    360 Kota   2 weeks ago

    When when they fall:OofWHEN GREG FALLS:MY KNEES!

  • kabinkiller
    kabinkiller   3 weeks ago

    I'm literally DYING watching every parkourse vids🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Zee Craft
    Zee Craft   3 weeks ago

    Me just being ME, I'm probably going to do everything you did

  • inbal
    inbal   3 weeks ago

    so I kinda have a crush on Paco... just felt like sharing

  • Syed Afaq
    Syed Afaq   3 weeks ago

    Why do Paco always need a koala

  • Awesome E 07
    Awesome E 07   3 weeks ago

    I just realized that Diana never does parkourse

  • Dave Zheng
    Dave Zheng   3 weeks ago

    nil tho pace sounds like he's moaning at a really high pitch when he's laughing correct me if I'm wrong8:15

  • Torabisu-Chan
    Torabisu-Chan   3 weeks ago

    0:57 Ryan: Explains parkourse to newcomersDerrick: Dies

  • En La Cama
    En La Cama   4 weeks ago

    Am I the only one that’s sees Will as a skinnier chiller Hercules?

  • Raj Shah
    Raj Shah   1 months ago

    Nice to see Derek wearing Sidemen clothing

  • mexichicana
    mexichicana   1 months ago

    I ♥️my ninjamelk and I don’t even drink energy drinks

  • Monkence
    Monkence   1 months ago

    If greg loses his facial hair, ill be sad...

  • Olivia B.
    Olivia B.   1 months ago

    Ryan treats paco like David treats scotty 😂

  • Alivia Miner
    Alivia Miner   1 months ago

    Love how Greg just says he wants to go home to whole time

  • Lil Dab
    Lil Dab   1 months ago

    Damn they fell off😭

  • Lu Tube
    Lu Tube   1 months ago

    Parkourse quote of the decade: “I wanna go home “.

  • LLLTrap 170
    LLLTrap 170   1 months ago

    My sisters and I laughed at Greg's face when he came down the slide on the tube

  • Carter Klementzos
    Carter Klementzos   1 months ago

    Who else was just watching them sword fight in the beginning ヽ(`д´;)/

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda   1 months ago

    “I wanna go home” -Greg

  • BobaTea14 H
    BobaTea14 H   1 months ago

    So is no one gonna talk about the finger sword fight at 0:53

  • sparrow hatake
    sparrow hatake   1 months ago

    Poor greg he said i want to go home*laughs to hard*

  • Juan Amaral
    Juan Amaral   1 months ago

    I put Paco failing the koala on repeat and showed everyone I know