How Clean Are Your Household Linens? Our Investigation May Shock You

  • Published on: 28 February 2017
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    Just how clean are your towels and sheets? The results of some tests submitted by Inside Edition may shock you. New York mom Kristi Muccini, who runs a busy household and regularly does laundry, allowed Inside Edition into her home to test the linens, towels, and slippers to gauge their levels of bacteria. Microbiologist Jesse Miller and his team at NSF laboratories in Ann Arbor, Mich., examined the samples from the Muccini household.
  • Runtime : 2:46
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  • Priscilla Jadex
    Priscilla Jadex   4 days ago

    Wash your sheets once a weekMe:Last time a washed it was 3 months ago

  • Uselezz_Nacho
    Uselezz_Nacho   3 weeks ago

    E.Coli on slippers? How the heck do you get feces in slippers??

  • Josephine
    Josephine   1 months ago

    OK but like how we gotten sick or died you know sometimes bacteria and germs help you build a better immune system

  • Yamileth Aguirre
    Yamileth Aguirre   1 months ago

    Heck nah im not gonna throw out my slippers within ONLY TWO MONTHS

  • Alexa Levon
    Alexa Levon   1 months ago

    Hasn’t affected me so far, so I don’t care.

  • Jofx
    Jofx   2 months ago

    It is impractical to be 100% clean anyway

  • Diego Chavez
    Diego Chavez   2 months ago

    Do u guys have like nothing better to do

  • Lianne D
    Lianne D   2 months ago

    “DISGUSTING bacteria”

  • Cathy the Pokémon Trainer

    Well if you use a towel after a shower the towel is clean because the soap from your body washes it, so the germ test is fake

  • vivilicious
    vivilicious   4 months ago


  • Gacha corns
    Gacha corns   4 months ago

    What happens if you don’t have that kinda hanger HUH

  • bless zoeee
    bless zoeee   4 months ago

    i wonder if they found some sperms as well

  • The Yeeter
    The Yeeter   4 months ago

    Is any one gonna talk about how many medals and trophies the girls have?

  • Groovy Noodle
    Groovy Noodle   5 months ago

    I mean I haven’t washed mine in like 5 months. So eh I’m still gonna use em.

  • Rise and Shine
    Rise and Shine   5 months ago

    I am still gonna sleep in my 2 years blanket. :)

  • Peachy_ Girl
    Peachy_ Girl   5 months ago

    I wouldn’t let my mom take my bed sheets.

  • Shaliyah Johnson
    Shaliyah Johnson   5 months ago

    I wash my sheets and bed covering every 6 months that’s too much washing I’m using and have to buy to wash every week

  • Irma Nazario
    Irma Nazario   5 months ago

    I don't use these things i use FliPfLoP's!

  • Samoan Pride
    Samoan Pride   6 months ago

    That’s why vitamins c is good for you people

  • Analise Rosa
    Analise Rosa   6 months ago

    Bacteria yes might cause illnesses, but if your gonna live fully bacteria free then your immune system will be weak...

  • Natalee Mielnicka
    Natalee Mielnicka   6 months ago

    I have a blue nose pitbull and he’s not allowed to sleep in my bed. I found out that animals bring in bugs and then walk all over ur bed and then u have bugs and bacteria all over u😬

  • Dem yt gals
    Dem yt gals   6 months ago

    Now your invading our home too?GET OFF OF ME OMG