She Planned Her Own Proposal and Didn't Even Know it!!

  • Published on: 20 October 2013
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    Without my girlfriend knowing I had her plan me a surprise birthday party. Little did she know I'd be playing and singing her a song I learned on the guitar and then proposing. It all worked out PERFECTLY!

    This was produced by me, Tyson J Henderson.
    Interviews filmed by Tyson J Henderson
    Edited by Tyson J Henderson
    Camera Operators during the song were
    Daiana Sanchez, Benji, Tara Mendenhall, Melissa Parra, and Cristian Landeros
    Photography by Dustin Armstrong

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  • Runtime : 13:40
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  • Didier M
    Didier M   1 weeks ago

    Such a shame he is chewing gum!!

  • ScruffyGaming
    ScruffyGaming   1 weeks ago

    That guy has the most humongous balls ever. Never played before and plays under that level of nerves!

  • Blue Collar Northwest

    This is a cool idea, however this video production,, especially her next to the bridge, the music, her always dolled up, is just cheese balls to me.

  • WalkingForChange
    WalkingForChange   1 months ago the way Tyson powered through it! Bet he got better!!!

  • The Love Witch
    The Love Witch   1 months ago

    aw all the mistakes are kinda charming and cute as fuck ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • ItsVerosLife
    ItsVerosLife   1 months ago

    awww the guy from Ridiculousness got married. Congratz!

  • mike toni
    mike toni   1 months ago

    Terrible. The only thing obvious here is that he loves her way more than she loves him. Divorce ville coming their way.

  • Cody Feller
    Cody Feller   1 months ago

    Was he chewing gum? What is wrong with people

  • HaasGrotesk
    HaasGrotesk   1 months ago

    What a fucking idiot! 3 years from now she'll be bangin some of his friends then running away with all his money!

  • B. Walker
    B. Walker   1 months ago

    Brilliant plan. Loved how she STILL thought after your proposal that see steer headed the entire gathering. She is still rolling off in her mind all the bday plans for you that were to come...and your party. Totally missing the point. So thoughtful! Which means this selfLESS girl is all in. For YOU! : ) Well done Tyson!

  • Simangele Katsande
    Simangele Katsande   1 months ago

    I said I won't laugh but couldn't help it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • James W
    James W   1 months ago

    Tyson u seem like a cool guy

  • Hannah Schreiber
    Hannah Schreiber   1 months ago

    I love this song and now I love it even more❤️😍❤️

  • Maria Sanchez
    Maria Sanchez   1 months ago

    February 10, 2019and here I am at 11 pm watching this and many proposals and omggggg they’re all so beautiful and i am here single af lolEdit: lmao it’s 2020 this is why I’m single...

  • Wein Fe
    Wein Fe   1 months ago

    I love it!😍Have tears in my eyes! That is one of the most beautiful proposal I've ever seen! To perform a selfwritten song live is so cute and brave! It's obvious, how nervous you were, but I think that makes it more natural and even sympathic.💎Wish you two the very best!💎💎💎

  • sarah
    sarah   1 months ago

    Congratulations. Beautiful

  • প্রদীপা
    প্রদীপা   1 months ago

    I found it SO CUTE when he was messing up, every time he looked at her eyes. It shows how much he loves her. My little heart. 🥺❤️

  • RenaOriented
    RenaOriented   1 months ago

    He was about to cry at 7:21 as soon as he started singing so i started crying lol 😂😭

  • agustmeow
    agustmeow   2 months ago

    Watching him mess up was so adorable wow he put so much effort into learning it :')

  • lovemyscooter
    lovemyscooter   2 months ago

    Hes so cute, shes beautiful, they're adorable. Good to see some love in the world. We need more of this.

  • Ashlie Maugans
    Ashlie Maugans   2 months ago

    He WAS chewing gum while he sang, he also sucked at singing and playing guitar

  • Quiltessa
    Quiltessa   2 months ago

    Such a cute idea but dude you ruined it chomping on the gum!

  • Laurie Myers
    Laurie Myers   2 months ago

    The look in his eyes...every girl should have a man like this! I’m lucky enough to say I have one! 🥰

  • Ella Barsby
    Ella Barsby   2 months ago

    Do you know what makes me happy is that this was in 2013 when he proposed then they got married and now they have 2 children :))) x

  • Phil Thomas
    Phil Thomas   2 months ago

    What about her family? Did they get invited ? Lol

  • Tracy O'Connor
    Tracy O'Connor   2 months ago

    Just too adorable. But I have a serious question. Are there people out there who get paid to give a thumbs down on some videos? How could anyone actually NOT enjoy this video? I just don't get it. Same happens on other channels I subscribe to. I JUST DON'T GET IT.

  • di butler
    di butler   2 months ago

    A man makes mistakes in song he learned to play, just for her, to declare his love for her in front of all of his friends and family equals every woman who watches this, completely meltdown. There's nothing that causes us to lose it like cute sincerity and vulnerability. I loved it, and was ready to marry him, and I'm a grandma, lololol.

  • Traci Losee
    Traci Losee   2 months ago

    God bless him he did awesome the not perfectness of the song was perfect!!!