We Made A Giant 30-Pound S'More For Quinta

  • Published on: 19 October 2019
  • “I want to squish my face into the marshmallow like a pillow.”

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    Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/90098

    Licensed via Audio Network

    Two women with safety vests and hard hats in warehouse
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    Realistic USA Flag 3d animation loop
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  • Runtime : 18:41
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  • Alvin Zhou
    Alvin Zhou   4 months ago

    I’d never thought squishing my face into a marshmallow would be so fun.Especially with m-my..best f-friend..Rie!looks around nervously

  • Jaycia David
    Jaycia David   16 hours ago

    OML CAN U MAKE SOMETHING WITH ALEXu both have made big food and i think her bubbly personality will be super funny to watch with yours PLEASEEEEE

  • Izzy Dollins
    Izzy Dollins   1 days ago

    Is it just me or does Alvin sound like the main bee from the bee movie lol

  • Buffalo 86
    Buffalo 86   1 days ago

    Alvin sounds like the Mr. Good guy aka Chucky doll " Your my best friend"

  • Buffalo 86
    Buffalo 86   1 days ago

    A centimeter apart ? Um...that's not a centimeter, that's more like an inch, inch and 3/4. Y'all maybe should have used a fractional tape measure.

  • Buffalo 86
    Buffalo 86   1 days ago

    The video editor should have put "Chariots of Fire" as the background music when they were making the graham cracker dough.

  • Buffalo 86
    Buffalo 86   1 days ago

    Just like that baseball bat of a rolling pin that Rie dubbed "Big Boi" when her and Niki made those pineapple tarts.

  • Buffalo 86
    Buffalo 86   1 days ago

    And that's why you never get in an arm wrestling match with a baker !

  • Buffalo 86
    Buffalo 86   1 days ago

    Way to almost break the boom mike Alvin.

  • Somebody Plays
    Somebody Plays   2 days ago

    Alvin make things big and rie makes it tasty 😋

  • Paige Berdos
    Paige Berdos   3 days ago

    And to think that Alvin was correct in solving 454 times 8. The answer is legit 3632

  • Konoha Miyagi
    Konoha Miyagi   3 days ago

    Imagine if you’ve been waiting 5 hours on a s’more and then walking in on this 14:05

  • Kup's Sauser
    Kup's Sauser   3 days ago

    blink twice if you need helpProceeds to blink four timesY'all this is serious :0

  • Rennie
    Rennie   3 days ago


  • Hafsah Hussain
    Hafsah Hussain   4 days ago

    This is how many times alvin said "best friend " I I ♢

  • Sarah Winkleburg
    Sarah Winkleburg   4 days ago

    Alvin: Names all the stuff Rie did.Me: Also got pregnant.

  • Trxq 33
    Trxq 33   5 days ago

    8:27 Yaaaaa and 16:10 yaaaaa

  • meme machine
    meme machine   5 days ago

    This is the gram you take the chocolate. And.you place it on the gram then.you roast a mallow and you put it on the chocolate and you squash it like so

  • Halo Nightwing
    Halo Nightwing   1 weeks ago

    Don't you just love watching two fully grown adults take turns smashing their faces into a giant marshmallow?

  • Savanna Brown
    Savanna Brown   1 weeks ago

    Only frustration with this was....you should have popped it in the oven at the end before serving!!! Just for 5-10 mins on 400 and it would have been amazing.