Top 10 Upcoming 2019 Phones That Are Worth Waiting!

  • Published on: 22 May 2019
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    Top 10 Upcoming 2019 Phones That Are Worth Waiting! Google Pixel 4, Galaxy Note 10 pro, iPhone 11, Huawei Mate 30, Moto Razr foldable phone, Xiaomi Pocophone F2 & more.

    Epic Motorola Razr 2019 foldable concept -

    iPhone 11 official design intro -

    iPhone 11 Max Epic Concept -

    Galaxy Note 10 Concept -

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  • Egol Focus
    Egol Focus   10 hours ago

    In display camera and auto hide camera should be added.

  • Ensar 90
    Ensar 90   2 days ago

    I am hyped for the Razr 💯

  • mahi shahriar
    mahi shahriar   4 days ago

    I love samsung ....because i have s10+ .. 12 gb ram

  • mahi shahriar
    mahi shahriar   4 days ago

    Samsung and iphone is always shine in world .....but i think samsung,huawei ,one plus,xiaomi,google company will shine in future

  • mahi shahriar
    mahi shahriar   4 days ago

    Iphone takes many money ....but they do not give good specs iphone is useless

  • Cringe Queen!
    Cringe Queen!   5 days ago

    Apple ran out of ideas and just said “LETS ADD MORE CAMERAS”

  • Nancy Hernandez
    Nancy Hernandez   1 weeks ago

    Im looking forward to getting the samsung note 10 pro

  • Brian •
    Brian •   1 weeks ago

    Damn can’t wait for in-display camera, I really want a full screen display but I don’t like pop up cameras

  • Loading...
    Loading...   2 weeks ago

    Since the iPhone camera is soo big, it could also mean bigger image sensors which could allow for much better low light photography!

  • Justin Anderson
    Justin Anderson   2 weeks ago

    Well I guess this is yet another year where theres a giant gap in all the phone's screens. I guess I'll just keep buying Note 8s while they still are available.

  • uppermostking02
    uppermostking02   2 weeks ago

    All I see is a waste of money and all of you peasants in the comments section should see the same. Only peasants buy new useless gadgets. My phone literally cost me $30 and it does everything those phones do. Talk text internet Netflix YouTube Instagram. the only reason anyone ever buys these useless things is to impress the person next to them. let me tell you something no one's impressed because nobody cares ,Only insecure people care about what others have. You want to be rich and successful stop buying useless gadgets you can't afford.

  • Sethu Pavan
    Sethu Pavan   2 weeks ago

    Lets see if this can beat note's explosion damage.make a video comparing battery explosion video on note 10 and 7 check this out lol :0

  • Ken Fregien
    Ken Fregien   2 weeks ago

    Samsung flagship phones are nice , but i don't like the slow updates so I'm waiting for Pixel 4xl , if not I'll wait for iPhone 12 (no notch & will have 5G) updates are the most important thing for me so google or apple it is for me. 1+7 pro also but Verizon doesn't sell them even though it works on their network , if something goes wrong i like dealing directly with carrier not a 2nd or 3rd party.

  • lexx S
    lexx S   2 weeks ago


  • A. Bryant
    A. Bryant   2 weeks ago

    He kinda sound like trump😭

  • Cyka Blyat
    Cyka Blyat   3 weeks ago

    Best 400$ phone is Redmi K20 pro

  • Off-Grid Optimist
    Off-Grid Optimist   3 weeks ago

    Why the hell are we wasting time making more Flagship smartphones when there is so many to choose from we got to make videos like this? Seriously there are Leaps and Bounds of progress to make in the tablet Market. The first one to recognize this is going to be a ridiculously profitable company. Powerful tablets and smartphones will be a standard combination in the future providing 95% of your computing power. Desktop on mobile is already here in the more people use it the the faster it will surpass the standard Windows Experience., in my opinion it already has except for the fact that I need third-party apps oh, and oh yeah nobody makes Flagship Hardware!. By the time the Samsung Tab S6 is released guarantee you 100% promises it will be outdated... come on phone makers get with the times it's all about Flagship tablets now! Make it happen people

  • Rushil .k
    Rushil .k   3 weeks ago

    Is it an Indian trying to speak like an indian

  • Bigfact Studio
    Bigfact Studio   3 weeks ago

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  • Arcade Slum
    Arcade Slum   3 weeks ago

    Trash video, no mention of ASUS ROG II.

  • Petar Diaz
    Petar Diaz   3 weeks ago

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  • Odin Grey
    Odin Grey   1 months ago

    I feel like I am listening to a Swedish Indian man.

  • Mamta
    Mamta   1 months ago

    what a fake accent

  • Al Kindi Abu Yosef
    Al Kindi Abu Yosef   1 months ago

    So annoying to hear on you, you are a awful reporter. Your video should be removed because of bad reporting on iPhone.

  • shine
    shine   1 months ago

    Currently using s10+ would like a pixel 4xl if they can come up with a good design

  • fluffything
    fluffything   1 months ago

    You almost sound like an American 😂🤣 If it weren't for that call center accent😂🤣

  • Dray Usher
    Dray Usher   1 months ago

    Yall need to keep the touch ID on the ios devices

  • Jeff Uk1
    Jeff Uk1   1 months ago

    Uffff you have such an annoying voice 😖