Top 10 Upcoming 2019 Phones That Are Worth Waiting!

  • Published on: 22 May 2019
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    Top 10 Upcoming 2019 Phones That Are Worth Waiting! Google Pixel 4, Galaxy Note 10 pro, iPhone 11, Huawei Mate 30, Moto Razr foldable phone, Xiaomi Pocophone F2 & more.

    Epic Motorola Razr 2019 foldable concept -

    iPhone 11 official design intro -

    iPhone 11 Max Epic Concept -

    Galaxy Note 10 Concept -

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  • ever ever
    ever ever   1 weeks ago

    where can I get the obi. online, in Australia

  • wouter van wijk
    wouter van wijk   2 months ago

    Am I the only one that gets annoyed by this guy's way of talking?

  • PokeLibras #
    PokeLibras #   2 months ago

    Fuck iOS they revoke shit, Android is a much better option...

  • Rayray
    Rayray   2 months ago

    That pixel 4 leak is wrong

  • Shaun jackson
    Shaun jackson   2 months ago

    That flip phone Huawei mate looks great but im broke so I'll need a more affordable phone lol

  • Daniel Bauhaus
    Daniel Bauhaus   3 months ago

    After iPhone 11 launch, its the first time since the iPhone 3 that I wanna change to android because I am sick of the same look over and over. And I have the iPhone X, I didn’t get the latest because of the look and I was expecting something new on the new iPhone 11 but same as always. Really sad. Apple is just a money maker.

  • ヨサ
    ヨサ   3 months ago

    where u from??? notten pro?? kkkk

  • SuperSilence23
    SuperSilence23   3 months ago

    I think I talked you today. Do you work for Verizon customer service?

  • Wojak Feels
    Wojak Feels   3 months ago

    So crazy that the iPhone 11R can still use IPS panels. Samsung literally has $150 budget phones that uses their AMOLED panels.

  • Roscoe
    Roscoe   3 months ago

    Why can't Apple get this that the notch is not wanted water drop or otherwise!🤬

  • Wayne Clark
    Wayne Clark   3 months ago

    So stupid to buy a new phone every year y’all are being brainwashed and don’t even realize it

  • Wayne Clark
    Wayne Clark   3 months ago

    It’s just a phone go to church a stupid phone won’t make you happy

  • Wayne Clark
    Wayne Clark   3 months ago

    Not impressed these companies are just making little improvements each year and you y’all fall for I’m still using a iPhone 6 s and I love it

  • Jay Chow
    Jay Chow   3 months ago

    ahh a sight to see apple is copying samsung

  • kurt barlongo
    kurt barlongo   3 months ago

    Iphone 11:still has a notch Note 10 :still has a punch hole But still it is better than the notch

  • smooth
    smooth   3 months ago

    i just want a iPhone max with no notch

  • Jamie Law-Smith
    Jamie Law-Smith   3 months ago

    I have an s8 plus but I'm gonna wait for s11 if there is one

  • Alain Vargas
    Alain Vargas   3 months ago

    You are the only idiot who is waiting for the new ugly iphone

  • 2krass
    2krass   3 months ago

    What about Xiaomi mi mix 4?

  • Egol Focus
    Egol Focus   3 months ago

    In display camera and auto hide camera should be added.

  • Game Hub
    Game Hub   3 months ago


  • Ensar 90
    Ensar 90   3 months ago

    I am hyped for the Razr 💯

  • mahi shahriar
    mahi shahriar   3 months ago

    I love samsung ....because i have s10+ .. 12 gb ram

  • mahi shahriar
    mahi shahriar   3 months ago

    Samsung and iphone is always shine in world .....but i think samsung,huawei ,one plus,xiaomi,google company will shine in future

  • mahi shahriar
    mahi shahriar   3 months ago

    Iphone takes many money ....but they do not give good specs iphone is useless