Peanut Butter & Jelly WORLD RECORD Challenge (1-Minute)

  • Published on: 28 September 2019
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    Peanut Butter & Jellies!! The current world record is set at 6 eaten in 1 Minute by Patrick Bertoletti. I wanted to see how I'd fair against that number..


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  • Runtime : 11:35
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  • Dijana Prenkaj
    Dijana Prenkaj   6 hours ago


  • Agent Viertel nach 8
    Agent Viertel nach 8   9 hours ago

    I say too my Mom: "Mom, looket this!"She say: "why He doing that, hecan goes die!?"I Say: "but He do it for His YouTube Channel, and become Money!"My Mom: "mmmh, can i do it top?🤔" 😂😂😆

  • Huma Abrar
    Huma Abrar   14 hours ago

    Try try and try again until you succeed...Well done!

  • Layla Roses
    Layla Roses   21 hours ago

    How. How did he eat 12 and still do a 3rd attempt

  • Caleb Raphael GD
    Caleb Raphael GD   1 days ago

    Please Matt tell us how difficult is after eating all this sit in the bathroom and take a shit.....Im sure sometimes you need to help your ass with a spoon or your own fingers....Imagine all that flour packed and going out......Ouchhhhh You are handsome and was the reason to see your videos, actually only 3 of them and never come back. Ciao. Im not a heater .... I don't find it interesting. Bizous !

  • Mozun
    Mozun   1 days ago

    dude im sitting in a back eating a quadruple decker peanut butter only sandwich

  • You
    You   1 days ago

    When a bully try to steal your food but you finished it first

  • Rayven Mathis
    Rayven Mathis   1 days ago

    Does he throw all this food up or what cause he should be fat by now

  • Bintang
    Bintang   1 days ago

    Love the way he said peanut butter. He sounded like system of a down

  • Riley and Megan
    Riley and Megan   1 days ago

    Imagine realizing you have a peanut allergy after this 😳

  • Itasoldiergirl OwO
    Itasoldiergirl OwO   2 days ago

    Me as a 11 year old girl: eats it all in a few seconds cause I have a black hole and shedder mouth

  • chris
    chris   2 days ago

    "enjoy some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches" you mean consume?

  • Arnold L
    Arnold L   2 days ago

    I like my pb & j sandwiches with milk.

  • Maria Rodriguez
    Maria Rodriguez   2 days ago

    Remember the old matt, ♥️same personality! I love you