Anakin Skywalker Becomes Darth Vader (1080p) - Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

  • Published on: 14 October 2015
  • Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005)
    As the Clone Wars near an end, the Sith Lord Darth Sidious steps out of the shadows, at which time Anakin succumbs to his emotions, becoming Darth Vader and putting his relationships with Obi-Wan and Padme at risk.
  • Runtime : 5:26
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  • Lucija Cestarić
    Lucija Cestarić   1 weeks ago


  • MCS 1991
    MCS 1991   2 weeks ago

    02:50 This moment right here imo is the official end of the Republic and the beginning of the Empire. The thunder, Vader's body in the capsule under trooper escort, trailed by Palpatine, combined with the Emperor's theme. You can just feel that a new chapter in the Star Wars universe has begun

  • MTHS Side
    MTHS Side   2 weeks ago

    Damn, That’s dark as hell man!

  • Đào Nhật Minh
    Đào Nhật Minh   3 weeks ago

    Obi Wan should have killed him instead of left him burning on Mustafar

  • Rebel Friend
    Rebel Friend   1 months ago

    Girl recovering from surgery:OMG how long was I out?Boys: 4:25

  • Thedark_lucifer
    Thedark_lucifer   1 months ago

    If Anakin got the high ground he would cut obi-wan up and make him burn to death in hell or something like that. He would sent his wife to a medical center. ONLY IF ANAKIN GOT THE HIGH GROUND

  • where's the money, Lebowski?

    I'm going to watch season 7 of The Clone Wars then see how emotional the duel between Obi-Wan and Anakin is.

  • Hyperspace
    Hyperspace   1 months ago

    Anime: *creates a new seasonMe: Where is my waifu? Is she safe? Is she alright?Me finding out she died: 4:59

  • Para Bamba
    Para Bamba   1 months ago

    Geez Obi-Wan, not enough to cut off Anakin’s limbs and have the lava slowly melt him. He gives him a dramatic lecture - like a cherry on top it all.The jedi were so damn smug and full of themselves at times it made me sympathetic to the Empire.

  • Jay Spotter
    Jay Spotter   1 months ago

    Don’t know that Vader was survive at that fire his so strong

  • Kahlil De Jesus
    Kahlil De Jesus   1 months ago

    4:08 “I could not save her, could not, could not, save her”

  • Noah Morrison
    Noah Morrison   1 months ago

    Well As long as he can sign the Least Forms, we're golden.

  • Jinflared
    Jinflared   1 months ago

    fun fact: the orchestra is saying "Why couldn't I, save her? Could I, Could I, saver her?"

  • wildlonewolf
    wildlonewolf   1 months ago

    5:22 me when I fart and I shit myself for the 4th time that day

  • Drafty _
    Drafty _   1 months ago

    Best Star Wars movie here my ranking1. Episode 32.Episode 53. Episode 44.Episode 75.Episode 16.Episode 67. Episode 98. Episode 29. Episode 8

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi   1 months ago

    The title for this video is wrong. He was already vader

  • Bijan
    Bijan   1 months ago

    When it’s Monday 5:05

  • MrJohnKiller225
    MrJohnKiller225   1 months ago

    Now i know why Darth Vader Is the most feared of all

  • Waluigi Chan
    Waluigi Chan   1 months ago

    Imagine yourself in Anakin boots:you betrayed the jedi council,you killed your own wife,your legs get chomped off by your master and now you're stuffed in a strange suit for the rest of your life.No wonder he's so evil.

  • Endlle Games
    Endlle Games   1 months ago

    This was the saddest shit when I was a kid I cried

  • Aleksandar Jedini
    Aleksandar Jedini   1 months ago

    shivers down the spine when u think about how he looked like the anakin we know some moments ago, how he could have made things go different, how he destroyed his life because of his anger. And how the original trilogy gets introduced.

  • Conor McGuinness
    Conor McGuinness   1 months ago

    Did James Earl Jones record these,heard that Hayden Christensen actually recorded these but it doesn’t sound like him

  • Chill
    Chill   1 months ago

    Palpatine was smart for this, he let Padmé die so that Vader can be angry, and anger gives himself concentration and power, and Vader is also the most powerful Jedi. Palpatine even said that anger is useful for Anakin.

  • l JSATES
    l JSATES   1 months ago

    Best weapon in star wars High ground

  • Raffy Fuentes
    Raffy Fuentes   1 months ago

    this is what u will LITERRALY SAY IF U LOSE ALL F UR MONEY 5:21

  • Persian Davv
    Persian Davv   1 months ago

    The best interpretation of what hell is like.