I Gave Myself Those Awful Ramen Nails

  • Published on: 11 July 2019
  • Here is Cristine's video talking far more in depth about her Holo
    Taco polishes, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hq-99XWJ6TI I know they're all sold out right now but it's kind of for a good reason because those things are SICK AS HELL. This is her website https://www.holotaco.com sorry y'all but you're just going to have a book an appointment at my ramen salon if you want HoloTaco on your nails I'm very affordable at the low low price of $600 per appointment I only do one appointment per year I'm very tired.

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  • Runtime : 17:27
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  • Samuel X
    Samuel X   1 hours ago

    When is Jenna gonna realize you can clip the tips? Acrylic nails don’t have to be so long and unbearable to use. They can just be a lil longer than your normal nails and I feel like, as much as I love watching Jenna with long nails, she might hate it less if she had shorter acrylics.

  • Asɪᴀ 84
    Asɪᴀ 84   5 hours ago

    Jenna does things so we don't have to.

  • Theresa s.
    Theresa s.   12 hours ago

    4:12 this is why Kermit is my spirit animal

  • Alexandra Allen
    Alexandra Allen   20 hours ago

    jenna is the epitome of the surprised pikachu in this videa

  • Kitsune Chon
    Kitsune Chon   22 hours ago

    if ramen is so strong, why don't we build ramen houses and ramen cars out of ramen? it's a new business plan!

  • Marissa Lyle
    Marissa Lyle   1 days ago

    JENNA I SELL "COLOR STREET" amazing 100% nail polish without all the mess!!! Id love to have an online party with you!!!!!!

  • CJ
    CJ   1 days ago

    Julien sounds like the bar man out of Deadpool

  • Ryo Tanaka
    Ryo Tanaka   1 days ago

    If you love ramen, you should totally come to Japan. I’d be happy to introduce ramen shops. L

  • Brain Waveless
    Brain Waveless   1 days ago

    Take a shot every time Jenna says Ramen :) you’re welcome

  • Z B
    Z B   1 days ago

    i want your dogs

  • Kaelee Rose
    Kaelee Rose   2 days ago

    Jenna is about to snatch all of our eyes out of our heads guys. 😂

  • nisa202
    nisa202   2 days ago

    You don't have to feel guilty. It's Cristine, she done insane stuff with PR packages.

  • bellaa
    bellaa   2 days ago


  • Braeden Flynn
    Braeden Flynn   2 days ago

    I haven’t watched Jenna in a while but when bunny came out she scared the fuck out of me

  • Rachel Finney
    Rachel Finney   2 days ago

    My nails are naturally the length of acrylics. So when people freak out I never understand. edit: shorter than jenna’s, but like mediumish length acrylics

  • Ines
    Ines   3 days ago

    I love the dog 😱❤

  • Maysa Niyazova
    Maysa Niyazova   3 days ago

    Jenna: how to have doggies in your videos for YEARS and never yell kick or spit on them. Winner.

  • Internet Shit
    Internet Shit   3 days ago

    Can i fix my broken phone screen with ramen 📱🍜??

  • Harmony C
    Harmony C   3 days ago

    When bunny comes walking up and just put her head on the table I CANT

  • Girlmom
    Girlmom   3 days ago

    Thank you for a genuine laugh today

  • Xx Strangerdoug xX
    Xx Strangerdoug xX   3 days ago

    jenna:ive ne ver had some holo nail polishchristine: GIME BAK MA HOLO BITCH!!!!

  • Raymond
    Raymond   3 days ago

    jenna can you do a hairstyle tutorial for this look in tryna recreate

  • Audrée Adam
    Audrée Adam   3 days ago

    You make a wonderful Carmella. (It's a Sopranos joke)

  • raylee butler
    raylee butler   3 days ago

    It’s almost virgo season Jenna are you ready

  • Gracie Jones
    Gracie Jones   3 days ago

    why is she better at doing nails then most nail salons???

  • Jasmin
    Jasmin   4 days ago

    I can feel my inner Cristine yelling at Jenna to wrap the tips-

  • fwisk jgfivhjg
    fwisk jgfivhjg   4 days ago

    jenna complaining and say the word tude for several minutes