Destroying My Friend's Car And Surprising Him With A New One

  • Published on: 10 August 2019

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  • Runtime : 14:53


  • MrBeast
    MrBeast   1 weeks ago

    subscribe or you'll have bad luck for a year!

  • Lord Dravian
    Lord Dravian   15 seconds ago

    Next we’re going to put a lot of balls in jakes car cause jake likes balls

  • Blue Moon
    Blue Moon   8 minuts ago

    Omg,who else just loves the Viking 😂😂😂

  • Kawii Diamond
    Kawii Diamond   11 minuts ago

    Again Morgz copied mr beast With this idea!

  • Coward.
    Coward.   17 minuts ago

    Marcus has good taste with cars

  • Jaiden Wake
    Jaiden Wake   21 minuts ago

    What car I haven’t got any I’m a kid lol 😂

  • Dark Pro
    Dark Pro   23 minuts ago

    What car did Marcus buy

  • Pradeep Tiwari
    Pradeep Tiwari   28 minuts ago

    When u realize being mr beasts friend is more paying then being a doctor

  • Ryan Jameson
    Ryan Jameson   38 minuts ago

    Smashing my friend's girlfriend and buying him a new one please

  • Games Teacher
    Games Teacher   38 minuts ago

    "Destroying my friend's wife and suprising him with a new one"

  • Thanos Has Liquid Poop
    Thanos Has Liquid Poop   44 minuts ago

    Bro Marcus was so furious and then when mr beast told them they get new cars Marcus reaction changed

  • Ayushmaan Puri
    Ayushmaan Puri   47 minuts ago

    destroying my friend's life and buying him a new one

  • no one
    no one   1 hours ago

    4:08 i know that dude, i met him in best buy near firestone district while i was staying in america

  • Waldorf Lacaden
    Waldorf Lacaden   1 hours ago

    Yehey something that morgz can't do bcuz he doesn't have any friends

  • Kenstiel
    Kenstiel   1 hours ago

    I have applied for a loan for the university which trains you in the field of becoming Mr.Beast's friend. They say that there is a lot of scope in this field. Wish me luck.

  • Donny Gravel
    Donny Gravel   1 hours ago

    What’s the car called that Marcus got?

  • Ante Krstulovic
    Ante Krstulovic   1 hours ago

    Mr Beast: Subscribe or I will smash your car with a meteor. Me: But I don’t have a car

  • Nate Torrey
    Nate Torrey   2 hours ago

    Marcus should get the rims blacked out

  • Brus lee lee
    Brus lee lee   2 hours ago

    Please folow me, I folow Back you Isnta - sarutis_sarunas, davai folow me, I folow you

  • BlueOdds
    BlueOdds   2 hours ago

    Hah jokes on him i dont own a car :Dend me.

  • Gohar Gilani
    Gohar Gilani   2 hours ago

    Come destroy my house and buy me a new one

  • Gohar Gilani
    Gohar Gilani   2 hours ago

    Jokes on you, I don't have a car, but i still subscribed

  • Grandon Yap
    Grandon Yap   2 hours ago

    I'll but 10k worth of Google play cards😂😂😂Edited:nah scratch that I'll spend 10k on mister beast merch

  • Cory Teague
    Cory Teague   2 hours ago

    Id let yall destroy my car for a different one but the car would have to be red bc my sons favorite color is red

  • Aileen Mundo
    Aileen Mundo   2 hours ago

    OOf I thought it said "beast buy" 😝😝😆😆😂😂

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy   3 hours ago

    He needs to put on his seatbelt

  • Dano On Demando
    Dano On Demando   3 hours ago

    Maybe you should push your friends car of a cliff and buy him a new one