Five Finger Death Punch - Living The Dream (Official Lyric Video)

  • Published on: 07 February 2020
  • Official lyric video for 'Living The Dream' from the new album 'F8'.
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  • Runtime : 3:35
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    PLAN BEE HONEY   3 days ago

    Ivan you've inspired me to start singing and writing again wow this stuff is great!!!

  • John Foreman
    John Foreman   3 days ago

    Ivan is amazing came back sober and ia crushing it

  • Patrick Sullivan
    Patrick Sullivan   5 days ago

    “They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions” in a lot of ways, yup

  • Cole Veasey
    Cole Veasey   6 days ago

    This is one of my favourite songs ever!

  • Aaron Wambold
    Aaron Wambold   6 days ago

    man your good as hell five finger death punch

  • Xim Garcia
    Xim Garcia   1 weeks ago

    Hi guys, just a reminder that we love you, from all over the world and all over time. Thank you for your art, your work, dedication, love and ambition.

  • Your Local Idiot
    Your Local Idiot   1 weeks ago

    I wanna get a M1 Abrams painted in Red White and Blue and duct tape some stupidly loud stage speaker set and parade down the street while blasting this album

  • Washingtons Angel of light

    Since all sensory data from your cells passes through the frontal lobe the waking mind is the exact same as the dream world except that those sensors organize it into a sequence while a dream is the same just no sequence......and

  • Washingtons Angel of light

    I use the infinity symbol to filter and invert all negative energy into positive automatically......within my presence it's from a spell I casted for's the proper use of the psychic vampire.....I have and am going to steal the skulls right from under their the arch Freemason thirteenth failsafe majestic #6670420

  • Bradley Mckinney
    Bradley Mckinney   2 weeks ago

    I miss Jeremy Spencer on this one. he just fit their Style Like Glue

  • KillThemAllKid Delano

    What other band can come out with a new album every year and half and have it be so fucking good every time? Like they can never make a bad album or song. They will be in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame when its said and done. Hopefully they get at least 10 albums in full by the time they quit.

  • KillThemAllKid Delano

    The writings on this song is alot bettwe then the others. I love when it has clever lyrics and is deep. Trust I also love thier anger and pissed off stuff. But they definitely have always been able to make good deep songs and good sad ones.

  • DeanofMean
    DeanofMean   3 weeks ago

    "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" just sent shivers down my spine

  • Chris Losh
    Chris Losh   3 weeks ago

    Hey Asking Alexandria, this is how it's done. These guys dont need autotune in their songs!!! 😂

  • QKannabisXD
    QKannabisXD   3 weeks ago

    [Sends to high school history teacher]

  • Alan Bowman
    Alan Bowman   3 weeks ago

    Only a bag of trash would give this a thumbs down.

  • time drifter
    time drifter   4 weeks ago

    Sorry but if you a ghost within a shell you need Jesus! He will fit in your heart! He will save you! And change your life! God bless everyone!

  • Sean Harden
    Sean Harden   4 weeks ago

    Slipknot makes me angry, and FFDP Makes me feel invincible, or bulletproof if you will

  • Kenny P
    Kenny P   1 months ago

    Pretty appropriate song for the times

  • Stuart Milner
    Stuart Milner   1 months ago

    The words matter.. in the music 👍🏼❤️

  • Stuart Milner
    Stuart Milner   1 months ago

    Dam that’s good!! Awesome guys! FFDP rules

  • Cartney84 Ian
    Cartney84 Ian   1 months ago

    Simple slow mo but sounds lil bit disturbed

  • Badazzgamer43
    Badazzgamer43   1 months ago

    This song is all to real......Resoruce wars fallout.....Feeding the machine the road to hell is paved with good intentions....The road to the (Hell of the wastelands) this song is scarly acuarate when it comes to humanity's curent crash course. one day if we dont get off this rock the resorurce wars will kick off do to our reckless desire to feed our selfs luxery. and the world of fallout will become all to real to us all. int he fallout franchise only the strong survive cuzz there is no law to save u. Only ur gun melee weapon or fists and ur skills to use them. Death is vary vary common thing in fallout's univerce there are no hostpitles no police no government. Its u ageinst teh hell of the wastes. and one day that may be a reality. u get sick ina world like fallout ur likely dead. thats not to mention the radiation caused by the nukes at the clymax of the resource wars known to the people of the wastlands that followed as the great war. Doomsayers can be dismissed as radiclists saying teh end is ny......The planet earth only has so many resources. thats a established fact. they will run out eventualy cuaseing the resource wars to be inevitable unless we mine other planets. This song is all too personal for me becose iv played fallout i know the hell and wwhat the characters go through i know what created that hell and it was a real life event yet to come....and our greed. the reckless consumption of earths resources. we are takeing steps but its not enuphit never will be. not till we get off the planet and mine others colonize others and expaned it wont stop the war from comeing to pass unless we do that.

  • 5kryptCS
    5kryptCS   1 months ago


  • Dr Seuss
    Dr Seuss   1 months ago

    We're all living to die but there's no euthanasia, hung over the floor of apathy no more by the decaying rope of despair which used to be hope, just to continue on a little past death, onward we are made to go, living to die, dying to live in this endless exhaustance, this life sentence with a death sentence at the end, but at least one day there will be done, hopefully sooner that later. No one chooses to be born, with all the banned plants that used to be came nature's rights to Life, liberty, and the person of happiness along with the right to die, peacefulu and naturally as nature freely gave

  • Aetherial02
    Aetherial02   1 months ago

    One of my favorite albums from five finger.Holy shit Ivan is killing it on vocals and everyone else is badass!

  • Phat Meat Man
    Phat Meat Man   1 months ago

    All five finger death punch songs sound the same.

  • Campech
    Campech   1 months ago

    This is the best song from the album