Testing The Sound Mirrors That Protected Britain

  • Published on: 06 August 2018
  • Over on the RAF Starrship channel, I'm talking about the history of radar: https://youtu.be/VDC_RCh0ws8 - but over here, we're testing a 90-year-old piece of technology that was meant to be part of Britain's air defence. The Sound Mirrors, on Romney Marsh, were built in the late 1920s as a way to amplify the sound from aircraft engines over the English Channel. We're flying a bit closer than that, with a drone.

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  • Runtime : 3:28
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott   1 years ago

    I've wanted to make this video for literally four years, and - thanks to the RAF team - all the pieces finally came together. Do go check out my history of radar video over on their channel!

  • Iain MacLean
    Iain MacLean   1 weeks ago

    apparently they had these on Malta during WW2 and they were so sensitive they could pick up the noise of aircraft engines starting up on the Italian airbases in Sicily, over 50 miles away

  • Tony Hedgewolf
    Tony Hedgewolf   1 weeks ago

    I've been to Romney marsh loads of times, why have I never heard of this before??

  • v v
    v v   3 weeks ago

    There was a small dish like that in my home town, always wondered what it was

  • Upbeat_Garbage 030
    Upbeat_Garbage 030   1 months ago

    At the science works museum in Melbourne Australia, they have something similar on a smaller scale where they have two dishes facing each other roughly 100m apart and when you speak into it the person at the other dish will hear it. It鈥檚 quite cool

  • clray123
    clray123   1 months ago

    On my shitty speakers I heard absolutely nothing.

  • 252Scooby
    252Scooby   1 months ago

    Back in the day it was a sound idea

  • dumbo7429
    dumbo7429   2 months ago

    Old satilite dishes can be lined( coated) .and used to comunicate .smply point two at each other and stand listen speak from focal point..

  • Smokeango
    Smokeango   2 months ago

    Absolutely fascinating, Thank you!

  • Soy Sauce
    Soy Sauce   2 months ago

    The new Sprint guy looks like the Verizon wireless guy馃馃馃馃馃馃

  • Dinar AndFriends
    Dinar AndFriends   2 months ago

    "Humanity" didn't invent radar, Sir Robert Watson-Watt did. "Humanity" without the insights of a tiny number of inventive men (and virtually no women) would still be living in caves.

  • P Nixxy
    P Nixxy   3 months ago

    ....and it begins..again... back I go.. down the Tom Scott YT rabbit 馃悋 hole

  • whatever
    whatever   3 months ago

    Did you really just grab a drone while it was flying???

  • Luca Padovani
    Luca Padovani   5 months ago

    There is an almost identical acoustic mirror built near Ba魔ar i膵-膴ag魔aq in Malta. It is known locally as il-Widna.

  • RMJ1984
    RMJ1984   5 months ago

    Why has it not been demolished?. It's such a strange thing with humans, we leave our old garbage all over the place.

  • TDMJ4
    TDMJ4   5 months ago

    So that鈥檚 what these are I鈥檝e seen videos of people skateboarding and riding bikes on them.

  • TheFriendlyHacker
    TheFriendlyHacker   6 months ago

    How does the channel you referenced at the end only have 9000 subscribers? o.o

  • Bschill
    Bschill   7 months ago

    0:30 My MAGA senses are tingling

  • Alfie haigh
    Alfie haigh   7 months ago

    There's one of the small mirrors in my town in the North East

  • Bait
    Bait   9 months ago

    Tom taking the drone incorrectly is very funny

  • Falc1NL
    Falc1NL   9 months ago

    Ive seen videos of people riding Bmx's in these things. xD

  • CAElite
    CAElite   9 months ago

    So, you've been doing some filming around Gatwick recently Tom? :D

  • Ian Rudolph
    Ian Rudolph   10 months ago

    saw someone bmx bike in that on yt

  • Beemer
    Beemer   10 months ago

    That is absolutely brilliant. Really, a clever way of detecting aircraft before it's coming. Sure, radar was invented, but this was ahead of it's time. If something had happened that required this system, they would be the only ones in the world that had it, and it's super well thought out, too. Amazing.

  • The Student Official
    The Student Official   11 months ago

    Blast music from the focal and sent the waves to enemy frontline.Preferably despacito 3

  • uruiamnot
    uruiamnot   11 months ago

    Newton, Faraday, Rutherford, Marconi, Turing, Crick.... Tom Scott.Just saying.

  • Gyrocompa
    Gyrocompa   11 months ago

    I love your videos, but you cannot reasonably compare a wavelength and a surface. That simply is not homogeneous !

  • Luiz Felipe
    Luiz Felipe   11 months ago

    Why do you need permission? it's just a bunch of concrete, why flying a quad would cause any problem ? I though you would fly a real plane in low altitude, that's why the permission.

  • Joseph Staaf
    Joseph Staaf   11 months ago

    special guest appearance by Michael Cera

  • Puritania
    Puritania   11 months ago

    It's wall, not a mirror duh!