Testing The Sound Mirrors That Protected Britain

  • Published on: 06 August 2018
  • Over on the RAF Starrship channel, I'm talking about the history of radar: https://youtu.be/VDC_RCh0ws8 - but over here, we're testing a 90-year-old piece of technology that was meant to be part of Britain's air defence. The Sound Mirrors, on Romney Marsh, were built in the late 1920s as a way to amplify the sound from aircraft engines over the English Channel. We're flying a bit closer than that, with a drone.

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  • Runtime : 3:28
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott   1 years ago

    I've wanted to make this video for literally four years, and - thanks to the RAF team - all the pieces finally came together. Do go check out my history of radar video over on their channel!

  • Waterworld 360
    Waterworld 360   1 weeks ago

    What about putting loudspeakers at the focal point and blasting some tunes out to sea. How far away could you hear the music? 27 miles perhaps?

  • Jim Bennett
    Jim Bennett   1 weeks ago

    Its far past the time you got your own TV show. Far better than the sh1t on BBC.

  • Jo Ho
    Jo Ho   1 weeks ago

    Hmmm, big ears

  • Paul C
    Paul C   1 weeks ago

    I've seen another video of a few guys on bmx bikes riding that... What video was it? Internet please Please help!!

  • Benji Justice
    Benji Justice   2 weeks ago

    The trick for allowing friendly aircraft would have been to tune the aircraft engines such that they hum at a different frequency

  • Aninga32
    Aninga32   2 weeks ago

    Maybe a giant owl like head would've done better, as owls can hear a lemming under snow.

  • wildwalkeruk
    wildwalkeruk   2 weeks ago

    these are cool, I have a customer in Malta, and their office is right next to one of these. Really cool engineering.

  • Gabriel Patranoiu
    Gabriel Patranoiu   2 weeks ago

    Now, that's a Trump Wall 😂...I guess..." Let's Make Britain Great Again"

  • Víðarr Kerr
    Víðarr Kerr   2 weeks ago

    You talked so much I couldn't hear the drone.

  • Mike Ries
    Mike Ries   2 weeks ago

    At Robert Allerton park there's a subterranean garden with parabolic walls...steps at each end. It's called the whispering garden because you can whisper on one end to a peson on the other...and it's a long distance.

  • Nick Hill
    Nick Hill   3 weeks ago

    "Humanity created". Is that the new PC jargon we're supposed to use now?Huh. Why even make history videos?

  • Rocklobster6285
    Rocklobster6285   3 weeks ago

    We've got a much smaller version of one of these at my university, if you whisper at one end of the wall you can hear it perfectly clearly on the other

  • None of your Business

    Huh...? I don't hear diddly squat, and I am on a 6.1 surround system with a Klipsch subwoofer at movie volume right now...Addendum: yes, SIX point one. Center speakers are for losers who cannot pick good stereo speakers.Sorry, I could not resist...

  • Hooyahfish
    Hooyahfish   3 weeks ago

    In 2000 years they will think it was meant to worship the moon.

  • Peter Blezard
    Peter Blezard   3 weeks ago

    The reason they weren’t used is because they could only pick up an aircraft at 30 miles. An aircraft travelling at 250mph would be over land in approximately 6 minutes.

  • Javi Habi
    Javi Habi   3 weeks ago

    Trump wants to know how u built that wall

  • YoshTG
    YoshTG   1 months ago

    miles? use the metric units!

  • Zac Dw
    Zac Dw   1 months ago

    Love how this is professionally shot but he’s still out of focus

  • bæld
    bæld   1 months ago

    Military person: we need a way to find german aircraft before they reach britainElders: hmmm... big ears

  • suzette9999
    suzette9999   1 months ago

    Necessity is the mother of all invention.

  • Dan Parker Films
    Dan Parker Films   1 months ago

    Hi, random question, but is that the team from Perspective pictures behind the camera and mics? I recognise Rupert (potentially) behind the camera and Ben (again potentially) on sound?

  • Red Dwarf
    Red Dwarf   1 months ago

    This is 5 minutes away from my house!

  • pta szor
    pta szor   2 months ago

    Focal point alawys stays the same but the so called image of for example drone moves.

  • Catnium
    Catnium   2 months ago

    0:29 ofc some asshat had to put a tag on this

  • katie
    katie   2 months ago

    It's honestly genius how they came up with things back then

  • Matthew Barry
    Matthew Barry   2 months ago

    Then they started traveling faster than sound

  • MrBoh11
    MrBoh11   3 months ago

    “There’s not a lot of technology that can survive 90 years...”Nokia: hold my beer

  • matthew spence
    matthew spence   3 months ago

    The Germans didn’t have permission to fly there either…