Joe Rogan Experience #1304 - Brendan Schaub

  • Published on: 24 May 2019
  • Brendan Schaub is a mixed martial artist, former pro football player, and comedian. He hosts a podcast with Bryan Callen called “The Fighter & The Kid” and "The King & The Sting" with Theo Von both available on iTunes. His comedy special "You'd Be Surprised" is available now on Showtime.
  • Runtime : 2:32:17
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  • Louie Reda
    Louie Reda   5 hours ago

    How can a guy like Schaub get a comedy special when there are so many more "real" comics out there who have to wait years to get one? Rogan should have a talk with him about leaving comedy because this guy is not a comic. Such a tool.

  • Phil M
    Phil M   12 hours ago

    This is a weird podcast

  • Phil M
    Phil M   12 hours ago

    Santino is a real comic

  • Phil M
    Phil M   13 hours ago

    I have never listen to

  • Phil M
    Phil M   13 hours ago

    Why not be confused by what bob lazar says

  • Kyron Frain
    Kyron Frain   2 days ago

    Someone needs to educate Joe and Brendan on how a 10 second count works

  • CritFiend
    CritFiend   2 days ago

    Brendon “Balls deep in JonBenet” Schaub

  • K G
    K G   2 days ago

    Whenever these two clowns get together it’s a barrage of:“Scary, scary bro. High level scary bro. Crazy high level jiu jitsu bro. So different high level technique bro. High level scary monster broooooo”

  • Rapportus5
    Rapportus5   3 days ago

    I think Marc Goddard is the best ref working in MMA and the UFC these days. Herb is a close 2nd, but Marc is so on his game 99% of time hes the perfect successor to Big John.

  • Mandy Vieira
    Mandy Vieira   4 days ago

    Something is off with Joe and Brendan chemistry I feel Joe thinks he’s his elder and kind of talks down to him Brendan basically had to kiss his ass for Joe to get a good rhythm going knock it off Joe you don’t know everything and younger people believe it or not can teach you

  • 1 spin
    1 spin   4 days ago

    1:29:21...i jumped in my supra turbo 🤣👏 classic car!

  • Kermit the Frog
    Kermit the Frog   5 days ago

    I cringe so hard every time Joe makes smootching noises at the end of the podcast....

  • Embryohusk
    Embryohusk   5 days ago

    how does any1 believe these 2 guys are straight?

  • Ryan
    Ryan   6 days ago

    I wish my friends were as supportive as joe. Also having a comedy superstar friend that can get you started in the biz is nice.

  • Kermit the Frog
    Kermit the Frog   6 days ago

    That Blantons is really good. Cant touch a good aged michters or pappy

  • ORO
    ORO   6 days ago

    Ferrari makes just north of 8,000 cars a year, looking to do 10,000 in the near future

  • ORO
    ORO   6 days ago

    +15 points to Brendan for knowing what an F12 TdF is

  • Joshua Gaffney
    Joshua Gaffney   6 days ago

    Brendan Schaub, I think the reason you dont hear about Roy Jones Jr, is because the world of Boxing is very hard on their fighters, once you get beat 3-4 times it seems like people will just not give a fuck...for some reason it seems, MMA is more forgiving of their fighters...

  • div inity
    div inity   6 days ago

    Joe saying 'there are podcasts out there that still cut to a commercial, you guys don't do that, do you?' in the middle of a podcast with 4 ad breaks is upside down land personified.

  • Stella Blue
    Stella Blue   1 weeks ago

    Shout out to Blanton's, stuff is awesome!

  • Brett Baratheon
    Brett Baratheon   1 weeks ago

    How true Brendans words were about Cowboy. Fighting back to back with no break, Tony smoked him. You were right Brenda!

  • Dr.perspectiveX
    Dr.perspectiveX   1 weeks ago

    Damm never knew sergey kovalev killed a boxer by tko. How do they skip that part like that..

  • gregory hines
    gregory hines   1 weeks ago

    Problem: The whales are dying, there is too many people.Solution: Move to Australia and shoot the crocodiles.Me: Brendan is actually retarded

  • John Tynan
    John Tynan   1 weeks ago

    The comments have me in stitchs of laughter😂😂😂

  • Noah Noronha
    Noah Noronha   1 weeks ago

    "Why people wouldn't agree on which side of the road to drive on?" Maybe for the same reason they don't agree in the same measurement system....

  • avalanchesoul
    avalanchesoul   1 weeks ago

    Joe plays humble around scientists but goes into teacher mode when he thinks someone is dumber than him. I'm guessing that's why he's such a contrarian with Brendan but it can be argued that Brendan is on course to be more successful than Joe. He's not dumb, and he shouldn't treat him as if he is.And people thinks he just agrees with everything but that is inaccurate. He sticks to his guns when it matters, the rest of the time he doesn't care. It's that attitude that's made him successful in so many areas. Also, for comedians and improvisers it's called "yes and." Joe can learn from that instead contradicting himself as often as he does just to be contrary.

  • avalanchesoul
    avalanchesoul   1 weeks ago

    Levels upon levels upon levels.... Oh shut up. GSP said it best, you're only the better fighter that night.

  • Bob Bobby
    Bob Bobby   1 weeks ago

    Wow this is something new😑

  • T Roundito
    T Roundito   1 weeks ago

    Brendan telling that Theo koala story shows he’s working on his comedy and making progress. He’s humble and down to earth and working hard

  • Karaoke Wayward Son
    Karaoke Wayward Son   1 weeks ago

    Tito’s is good. I get it. What’s a check for something like that? 5K? 10?

  • 고등 지능 ODINS trash

    Ralph Bakshi is the best animator of your generation RoganWatch the film COONSKIN then get back to us

  • Joshua Wood
    Joshua Wood   1 weeks ago

    Brendan “three man horse race” shaub

  • Emmet Ward
    Emmet Ward   1 weeks ago

    Joe and schaub's stand-up is shit lol