• Published on: 05 March 2020
  • Today I'm talking about some drugstore makeup that doesn't receive enough attention, these products are incredible and totally worth buying. xo's ~ Tati

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    Samui Elephant Sanctuary

    ✔ P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D
    Revlon | Super Lustrous™ The Luscious Mattes Lipstick // $8.99
    E.L.F | Haute Chocolate Eyes // Spice // $5
    E.L.F x Nabela Noor | Beautifully You Brush Set // $10
    E.L.F x Nabela Noor | Gleaming Loose Highlighter // $8
    Doll Face Beauty | Fine & Fierce Liquid Liner Pen // $10
    Physician’s Formula | Murumuru Butter Glow Face Palette // $5.99
    Physician’s Formula | Murumuru Butter Bronzer Palette // $5.99
    Physician’s Formula | Murumuru Butter Highlighter Palette // $5.99
    The Creme Shop | Murumuru Butter Highlighter Palette // $8.99
    Physician’s Formula | Organic Wear Tinted Lip Treatment // $9.49
    Kokie | Matte Bronzer // $8
    Wet N Wild | Photo Focus Dewy Foundation // $6.49
    Revlon | PhotoReady Candid Anti-pollution Setting Powder // $6.99
    L’Oreal | Bambi Eye Mascara Lasting Volume // $9.99
    Nikkia Joy Cosmetics | Ashleigh 2.0 Lash // $7

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    Tammy Brock   1 weeks ago

    I totally see elevens everywhere to. My bday is also 11/11.

  • Judith Negron
    Judith Negron   2 weeks ago

    Hum? Is that Tati's volume 1-5 in the background.

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    cristina roverso   2 weeks ago

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    MYvids byJJ   2 weeks ago

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    Crying laughing @shrek sneeze 😂🤣

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    Make-up By Shannon   3 weeks ago

    Loved this video 💜👍🏼 Would love to hear your thoughts on some UK makeup brands.

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    I’m LOVING your coin ring!!! I had one back in 1985. Would love to know where to get one now. 💜

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    Kayla chum   3 weeks ago

    This video cracked me up! Love u girl 🤩

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    I was like peeing my pants when she sneezed and freaked out about her eyelash. Too funny! Love you, Tati ❤️

  • Samantha Minnie
    Samantha Minnie   4 weeks ago

    Love that you keep real life footage ❤️that phone call

  • brandi Todd
    brandi Todd   4 weeks ago

    Hi I love your look today I love your lipstick color I have dark hair to and have a hard time getting the right lip color You look fabulous!!

  • EmilyWearsGlasses
    EmilyWearsGlasses   4 weeks ago

    I literally just bought the Bambi mascara on a grocery run today

  • Private Georgina
    Private Georgina   4 weeks ago

    You look so insanly fresh in this video. The makeup, the lips looks sl nice, and your hairstyle looks so fun💕♥️

  • lydia carson
    lydia carson   1 months ago

    I used to not really be a fan of Tati, mainly because of her personality really isn’t what I usually enjoy to watch. Recently I have been a real big fan of her! Her personality is just so sincere and kind. I find myself clicking on every single video she posts without hesitation 💛💛

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    The first 6 minutes of this video is a rollercoaster ridee! But so funny 😂😂😂

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    afox78   1 months ago

    I was stalked by 11:11 for yearss until it got so intense I had no choice but to research it. Then I saw there’s actually an “11:11 phenomenon”. It happens to thousands of people. Crazy!

  • Willi McCready
    Willi McCready   1 months ago

    It's Not called Doll Face Beauty as they do not sell eyeliner... Where can I find online please?

  • spacewalker
    spacewalker   1 months ago

    wow i was just thinking about your thing and eleven and in this video I just saw it's eleven number shade of lipstick ahahaha

  • monica clasener
    monica clasener   1 months ago

    She has an own make-up line, resides in L.A. and Seattle, gets loads of free pr-stuff and still gets genuinly EXCITED for 10 under €10,-!!! That's a real make-up lover.

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