Rebels Stormtroopers funny moments Season 1 - 4

  • Published on: 19 May 2018
  • Star wars list
  • Runtime : 22:24
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  • Patatamon legendario
    Patatamon legendario   4 weeks ago

    The stormtroopers helmet sucksThey cant see anythingAnd they glasses are darkHow do they see in the night?

  • Lord Warrider
    Lord Warrider   4 weeks ago

    i always hate star wars shows because of that, never wounds mc and makes troopers very bad and untalented

  • sky
    sky   1 months ago

    Star Wars: Terrorists

  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka   1 months ago

    Bru these poor stormtroopers kept letting murdered left and right not even a stun or knock out

  • Ekom Ikpatt
    Ekom Ikpatt   1 months ago

    Imperial scums they deserved it each and everyone of them, for the tyranny they have caused for the REBELLION FOR THE NEW REPUBLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Metro Cop
    Metro Cop   1 months ago

    "Stormtroopers are merciless efficent solider's of the empire.Rebels: i wont let that sign stop me, cause i cant read!

  • MainBlag Banner
    MainBlag Banner   1 months ago

    “ did all this? For fruit?!”“No!...okay, maybe a little!”

  • MCSpiderkid
    MCSpiderkid   1 months ago

    I seriously just watched a 20 minute video of people killing Stormtroopers.

  • AliffKal Tilted
    AliffKal Tilted   1 months ago

    19:52Darth Vader: Why I have this two troops alive again...

    SILENTANGEL 21   1 months ago

    stormtroopers are allowed to talk freely like that? I thought they couldn't

  • Alexander LeBlanc
    Alexander LeBlanc   1 months ago

    grenade in your face, what do you dorun away like a sensible personstand still and say uh oh

  • Strafe98gamer -
    Strafe98gamer -   1 months ago

    11:44You going in school feeling you can beat every subject: Ha!Teachers:You didn’t think this through didn’t you?

  • Zan Mathews
    Zan Mathews   1 months ago

    Star wars rebels makes the whole lore seem more retarded

  • angus jones
    angus jones   1 months ago

    this is less funny moments and more just stormtroopers getting their asses kicked

  • Killer edge
    Killer edge   1 months ago

    Most of these people are saying omg those poor stormtroopers and I'm just likeeee okayyyy but they still work for the empire oh you know the ones that destroys planets and killed literally 90% of the jedi order

  • Apple Knock
    Apple Knock   1 months ago

    Poor stormtroopers???? how about the respectful, kind, humble droids that were abused?

  • Mark Nobody
    Mark Nobody   1 months ago

    The whole reason these stormtroopers are weak because they are less experienced and low rank so they are just put on worlds for guard duty

  • Yexin
    Yexin   1 months ago

    Everything changes for me when I think of the fact that each stormtrooper is just a normal citizen of the empire volunteering to serve who they think are the good guys.

  • Just_A _Tepig
    Just_A _Tepig   1 months ago

    People say this show isn't violent but how many times have storm troopers been thrown down towards their inevitable death?

  • Just_A _Tepig
    Just_A _Tepig   1 months ago

    I think that's the only time they ever said that the armor had any use

  • Spitfire
    Spitfire   1 months ago

    6:53 me when I see the good guys winning for the 100th time and using this show just for rebel propaganda.

  • Bamberg Jr
    Bamberg Jr   1 months ago

    I’m just happy that we get to see Rex and the dark saber again

  • Antonio Perez
    Antonio Perez   1 months ago

    Stormtroopers are Rebels version of Battle Droids

  • Dior Rama
    Dior Rama   1 months ago

    why are all of the stormtrooper and clonetrooper death so brutal like always

  • Shadow trooper369
    Shadow trooper369   1 months ago

    I’m really tired of rebels we need to see them die over and over again in worse ways then the empire. Like when the stormtroopers have them as prisoners shoot them and kill them stop taking them prisoner....