Christian Seavey vs. My 4 Boyfriends | Twin My Heart w/ The Merrell Twins Season 2 EP 6 Pt 1

  • Published on: 24 March 2020
  • This is the episode you've all been waiting for!!
    He Shocked Us All *Self-Elimination | Twin My Heart w/ The Merrell Twins Season 2 EP 5 Pt 2 -

    Through the makeups and breakups, the tears and the kisses, Franny and Nezza have to decide who their perfect match is out of the last four contestants. But first, Twin My Heart Season 1 winner, Christian Seavey pops by for a surprise challenge...stay tuned for part 2 on Thursday. 💑💖💑💖

    Veronica and Vanessa Merrell are setting up not one, but two of their best friends, Franny and Nezza, as they search for love. It's a race to win their hearts, as contestants compete in challenges, deciding who will stay and who will go. ❤️❤️

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    Who knows the Merrell Twins Better? Best Friend Challenge w/ Franny and Nezza
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  • Runtime : 13:3
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  • AwesomenessTV
    AwesomenessTV   2 weeks ago

    WHO ELSE LOVED SEEING CHRISTIAN?!?!!! 😍omg guys can you believe the finale is here?! Tune in on Thursday at 5:15AM PST to find out WHO THE WINNERS ARE!!! sorry im screaming im just excited

  • Bianca Marbella
    Bianca Marbella   1 days ago

    I SKIPPED THE LAST EPISODE TO WATCH THIS!!!!!!MAKES ME SUPRISED IN A HAPPY WAY,!!!!!!!is it just me or that im just so happy and excited to de him again

  • Natalie Brinkley
    Natalie Brinkley   1 days ago


  • Julia Goodwin
    Julia Goodwin   1 days ago

    I think, I’m guessing before watching this, that Ryan and Vince will win to be the perfect men for Franny and Nezza

  • Lauren Sivill
    Lauren Sivill   1 days ago

    Is Christian still with the twin I forgot her name but ye I hope their Still together forever they are a great couple

  • Balina Pray
    Balina Pray   1 days ago

    What is one of the guys that got eliminated turns out to be gay in the future??

  • Brooklyn xoxo
    Brooklyn xoxo   1 days ago

    Awwwww Vanessa was sitting next to Christian!!!!!!

  • Jessica Simpson
    Jessica Simpson   1 days ago

    I still think Vanessa and Christain should date. They'd vibe so well together.

  • Zoe Markus
    Zoe Markus   1 days ago

    “Welp, there goes my tongs😕”

  • indp. iv
    indp. iv   2 days ago

    this is hard dude! they are all so nice. im sad at the idea that two of them have to go

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay   2 days ago

    and did they get picked or am I just thinking too much into this? Vince in suit:1:27 Ryan in suit:1:36 Denzel and Dustin talk just a few seconds after that in their normal clothes

  • Th3 Madst3r
    Th3 Madst3r   2 days ago


  • Lily Ella
    Lily Ella   2 days ago

    10:19 aww Roni is so cuteeee, she was like, “this one is really pretty” aww 🥰💗

  • Sonja Gold
    Sonja Gold   3 days ago

    I will never understand what‘s supposed to be ‚so great‘ about that Christian guy! He is corny and cringe as hell and doesnt even look good!

  • arianator4ever
    arianator4ever   3 days ago

    vince: THAT much syrup OMGme: christian chugged it so he should know 😂

  • Jess _
    Jess _   3 days ago

    Can I please have Christian? 🥺🥺🥺

  • deziray v
    deziray v   3 days ago

    Christian looked so disappointed with denzel lmaoooo i love him sm. Every girl needs a Christian

  • Natalie N
    Natalie N   3 days ago

    I literally died when they were cooking and Christian tells Denzel ”Wow you did one thing right”

  • Shira Alishaba
    Shira Alishaba   3 days ago

    I feel like they should of all gotten a chance to cook what they wanted so they can show what they can do.

  • Violet Brendler
    Violet Brendler   3 days ago

    What Dustin said about Vince was a little rude. “I done talking about Vince”Because he is probably done hearing about ur French toast as well.

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu   4 days ago

    talking abt bread NEZZA: “Yeah it’s a good size- it fits in ur mouth” Christian and Nezza start cracking up lol did anyone else catch that?😂

  • Shyla Stewart
    Shyla Stewart   4 days ago

    I said In the last video it’s annoying how cocky Dustin is and he said in this video I can’t wait till Nezza chooses me 🙄🙄 he’s SOOOO ANNOYING

  • Limelight Nicole
    Limelight Nicole   4 days ago

    wow Daniel is going to turn like Christian for sure (happy birthday Daniel Seavey)

  • Reyna Reyes
    Reyna Reyes   4 days ago

    Is nobody gonna talk about 7:39 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Anna O’Loan
    Anna O’Loan   4 days ago

    Man I hope Dustin and Denzil (sorry I’m pretty sure I spelt his name wrong) win I just really like them for some reason.But if they chose the other guys that’s fine at least there happy

  • SHE D
    SHE D   4 days ago

    Sad? summary: black people just make you laugh & white people make you feel safe/comfortable

  • Sharon Navarro
    Sharon Navarro   5 days ago

    Okay i love the friendship nezza and christian have 😩

  • Macie Davis
    Macie Davis   5 days ago

    OMG! Great decisions guys. But like this if you think that the Merrell Twins should make another season but find someone for Roni instead.

  • Celine Sally
    Celine Sally   5 days ago

    Why did Nessa say friend. Isn't Christian her boyfriend according to season 1?

  • xKiianna
    xKiianna   6 days ago

    No one:Not even a single soul: Christian: Welp, there gomy tongs

  • Adam Thao
    Adam Thao   6 days ago

    is christin still with nessa if you say that im a bad speler i now