See what Fauci thinks about Trump's plan to re-open country

  • Published on: 25 March 2020
  • President Trump said he wants the nation "opened up and just raring to go by Easter". Infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, gives his take at the coronavirus task force briefing.

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  • kvdgadj
    kvdgadj   15 hours ago

    Trump think if the virus stop at Easter, he save American by himself Fauci maybe fired when the virus is stop.

  • Yadja
    Yadja   18 hours ago

    Fuckie a Hillary supporter can go Fuck himself. This country will open and he doesn't want the Malaria drug used either but it is working all over the world and doctors don't know what Fuckies problem is.

  • Ryan iverson
    Ryan iverson   22 hours ago

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  • Me Stillme
    Me Stillme   1 days ago

    If a nation values anything more than freedom, it will lose its freedom; and the irony of it is that if it is comfort or money that it values more, it will lose that too.W. Somerset Maugham

  • Valorie Gordon
    Valorie Gordon   1 days ago

    The numbers are low because there are NO TESTS or VERY FEW TESTS! In those areas.

  • Treb Kielc
    Treb Kielc   1 days ago

    It’s a beautiful birth certificate. It’s a perfect tax return. His world is great.

  • Jeannine DeRoma
    Jeannine DeRoma   2 days ago

    Why do we have to listen to him everyday, give us the experts. I am sick of lies and half truth.

  • 13thmistral
    13thmistral   2 days ago

    Ugh, the comment sections about corona related videos are almost painful to watch, the ones regarding Bill Gates are filled with conspiracy idiots, and the others are either filled with Democrat extremists or Republican extremists...or left/right extremist in general...or people thinking it is all China's and WHO's fault...or all Trump fault somehow.

  • Alex
    Alex   2 days ago


  • Terence Hackett
    Terence Hackett   3 days ago

    God help the American people these dickheads haven't got a clue

  • Cameron Abel
    Cameron Abel   3 days ago

    I wonder if Fauci will know how to be a doctor when this is all said and done after being a puppet for so long

  • Art Jacob
    Art Jacob   3 days ago

    Pence looks incredibly shifty when Trump starts spouting his BS.

  • AJ Jones
    AJ Jones   4 days ago

    HE doesn’t know. He’s spreading false hope. Stay in. God has this country, but we have to meet him half way. Plz America stop going out and willfully taking high and regular chances to hurt ur health. Do what u have to do but that’s it. Wake up and see this man is no president. He’s a business man a millionaire, but no president. Don’t take the bait and forget to vote him out. Vote vote him out

  • James Russell
    James Russell   4 days ago

    Oh now he says it's unfortunate. Is he looking at this whole situation totally wrong

  • James Russell
    James Russell   4 days ago

    Another great meeting...great day...beautiful time line...what kind of president is this ....come on ...everything is incredible with this guy .I hope he gets it right because if he won't win the next presidential election

  • Michael Hannemann
    Michael Hannemann   4 days ago

    Maybe on Easter Sunday, then the so called "choose one" ( and I use lower case letters for all the right reasons ( because trumff is a moron)) send him to all the hospitals in New York and as the "choose one", kiss all the corona virus carriers and ALL the Infected to HEAL the lot of them first

  • Asis
    Asis   4 days ago

    I used to think our political leaders were stupid. What's the fuck is he saying? Like it has no relation with the question

  • Domingo Jr. Delgadillo

    Yes journalism is killing themselves the way they treat our greatest president ever

  • Shelley Sanchez
    Shelley Sanchez   4 days ago

    This is our President! He acts like a spoiled child and cannot answer questions.. wow! Just wow! 😔

  • Bob NA
    Bob NA   5 days ago

    I have the feeling there is going to be a political shit storm by the likes we have never seen when this is over. 10's of Millions will regret this giant pause because it's entirety possible we will suffer 10 times more pain economically and even more deaths. I am not saying we shouldn't do this, I'm just saying what I think will happen. In my opinion, we will never recover from this for many years. The governments attempt to print our way out of this will simply make the dollar worthless on top of all of this. They said brace your self for a rough 2 weeks. I say brace your self for rough 5 to 10 years.

  • Rahul Singh
    Rahul Singh   6 days ago

    I never even comprehended that Timeline can be "beautiful"

  • Alex
    Alex   6 days ago

    We're Losing this Battle. Our Hospitals are not supplied to cope with this volume of illness. The lack the necessary equipment to keep people alive. This is just the beginning.

  • Jolly Rancher
    Jolly Rancher   6 days ago

    He is the president of the United Snakes. We are the United Snakes not the United States.

  • Theone shot
    Theone shot   6 days ago

    Wtf he said the same thing over and over again

  • Hunter Birimisa
    Hunter Birimisa   6 days ago

    I have heard a lot of people on here ridiculing trump but has he really done anything that terrible. I didnt vote for him but hes not handling this terribly at all. He even lifted fda regulation put in place under the obama administration to get test kits out faster. The only criticism that ive heard that seems accurate is that his speechmaking is awful and thats been true since day one. Can someone reply with a real criticism of how hes handling this mediastorm of a pandemic.

  • Raj
    Raj   6 days ago

    his asshole is open. What a dunce.

  • CBR600RR
    CBR600RR   6 days ago

    The only way to curtail this is MANDATORY ISOLATION!!!!! No going out at all. Just order everything online. Test delivery drivers and packages only. Then things will get better.

  • Brandon Bunas
    Brandon Bunas   6 days ago

    Hear me out. Trump is feeding lies and misinformation about this situation while Dr. Fauci usually contradicts him and says the opposite... why? Fauci wants the truth to be out because this is his field regarding illnesses. In all honesty, whether Trump cares about us or not... what’s around the corner? Election. He cares more about his ratings and how he looks, so he’s trying to tell the world that “everything is okay” or “yeah we know what we’re doing, we got this so vote for us” because it’s all for trump and his team to look good 💀😂

  • PDaddy35
    PDaddy35   6 days ago

    Trump is either crazy or clueless!!

  • Hugh Hammell
    Hugh Hammell   1 weeks ago


  • Richard Pierpoint
    Richard Pierpoint   1 weeks ago

    Well, at least if the churches are "packed" by Easter, there will be a few million fewer God-botherers in America a few weeks later.Seriously, like Das Orange Anus believes in God - what an utter cretin.

  • jack london
    jack london   1 weeks ago

    Fauci look as realist person uncomperair with uneducated trump

  • charles wade
    charles wade   1 weeks ago

    The globe is facing a pandemic and trump not only says "Its a great day" but its a "beautiful timeline" Wtf is going on..

  • Cheryl Marian
    Cheryl Marian   1 weeks ago

    Such haters. He HOPED to see things opened up by Easter, etc. But he didn't say they WOULD be. He said that they would have to look at it again as the time approached. To revisit it. He knows that people want to get their lives back and just offering a little hope. If Obama had said the word "hope" the leftist media and followers would be all over him calling him such a wonderful leader. And "oh gosh" isn't that why they elected him in the first place.