Texans vs. Chiefs Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2019 Playoffs

  • Published on: 12 January 2020
  • The Houston Texans take on the Kansas City Chiefs during the Divisional Round of the 2019 NFL postseason.

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  • Runtime : 15:32
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  • Blazer_Shadow 250
    Blazer_Shadow 250   4 hours ago

    (Me as a Texans fan) They just........ I cant.......... we were so..........we could’ve....WHAT THE HELL How can you mess up so badly you lose a 21-0 lead

  • Greg Gillings
    Greg Gillings   16 hours ago

    I'm sorry Texan fans. This loss has to hurt. It's inexcusable. Ugh I hope San Fran beats KC.

  • Андрей Воробьев

    Отличный камбэк от вождей! По началу мяч в руках удержать не могли, но потом собрались и показали своё мастерство! Молодцы! Отличный матч!

  • Michael Mcshea
    Michael Mcshea   2 days ago

    he is past the line of scrimmage on T D pass no doubt about it they got every call not going to happen in super bowl home job

  • Jphex
    Jphex   2 days ago

    New nfl meme"24-0"

  • Kermit Hezmuth
    Kermit Hezmuth   2 days ago

    Unfair to the rest of KC to give so much of the credit to one guy.

  • Van Morrison
    Van Morrison   2 days ago

    The 49er play like acc college team they throw so many things at you.you don't know what to defend.

  • Mohab11 M
    Mohab11 M   3 days ago

    Touchdown without touchdown ok wtf

  • Henry Gucci
    Henry Gucci   3 days ago

    Imagine being a Texans fan and the week before you were down 16-0, now you’re up 24-0 so you would think they would know how to NOT blow a lead

  • rayism 24b
    rayism 24b   4 days ago

    Chiefs should offer Mahomes 3 years for $900,000. Take it........................Or go play for the Bungals

  • Itskelvinn
    Itskelvinn   4 days ago

    9:03 #25 doesn’t want to block?

  • Rob Taylor
    Rob Taylor   5 days ago

    That unsung Offensive lineman at 14:38 should be going to the pro bowl

  • Mike Tucker
    Mike Tucker   5 days ago

    Niners are going to smash on KC. Boooossssaaaaaa!!!!

  • Stephen Jones
    Stephen Jones   5 days ago

    That play by "Sorenson" (sp?) on the fake punt was INCREDIBLE!! We all thought "terrible call by the Texans when it happened, but it SHOULD have worked...albeit for an incredible defensive play!

  • Nick Price
    Nick Price   5 days ago

    4:16 Andy Reid: Execute Order 66!

  • Roger Pack
    Roger Pack   6 days ago

    Nice special teams by the chiefs.

  • SevenThunderful
    SevenThunderful   6 days ago

    Interesting fact. Right around when Houston scored the field goal to make it 24-0, Houston's coach clearly started cursing, using the Lord's name in vain. He apparently wasn't happy even after getting a 24 point lead. After that the wheels fell off the wagon and KC scored 7 touchdowns in a row. Coincidence? I think not.

  • Durrell Kitchen
    Durrell Kitchen   6 days ago

    Chiefs def. Texans 51-31 🏈!!!!!AFC Divisonal Playoff GameSunday, January 12th, 2020Courtesy of CBS/KCTV 5

  • Ruben Gutierrez
    Ruben Gutierrez   6 days ago

    Watch out for Deshaun Watson next year. Houston's going to be a contender!

  • COCO7795
    COCO7795   6 days ago

    Does Darwin Thompson..understand the rules of football...wtf was he doing on that fumble?i like the kid's ability but sheeit..

  • Nowlan Hurla
    Nowlan Hurla   1 weeks ago

    Now the chiefs should win the super bowl and beat the 9ers

  • Andres
    Andres   1 weeks ago

    This was the super bowl

  • Ays Perez
    Ays Perez   1 weeks ago

    I saw the video where they were talking about the Texans lose being a comeback or collapse that is 100 percent a comeback the fact the chiefs weren’t making any catches is the proof

  • Tony Alabama
    Tony Alabama   1 weeks ago

    Well, you can say one thing, Houston is damn good at playing air guitar.

  • Antoine Tran
    Antoine Tran   1 weeks ago

    If they were down that much by the 49ers, it would be game over