Most MEMORABLE Games of the Women World Cup - 2019

  • Published on: 05 July 2019
  • A fast paced ten minute video with the best games of the WWC. I really enjoyed the World Cup so decided to create a video about it.
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    USA is the best
  • Runtime : 10:28
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  • Pauli
    Pauli   4 days ago

    I was positively surprised about the goals/attacking (most of the time) But some goalkeepers were shii and some great. But the defending the open space left all around the pitch, how easily the selled themself to simple body feints and fake shots was difficult to watch. If Thailand got player like Van Dijk or Kante in their team they cold really be in the top 6 tbh.

  • Jack & Cola
    Jack & Cola   5 days ago

    And they say females arent funny i laughed my ass of their best moments are mens worst bloopers

  • Captain PTMB
    Captain PTMB   2 weeks ago

    Netherlands-Sweden semi was my favorite game.

  • Shyam Mrunal
    Shyam Mrunal   3 weeks ago

    If u wanna sleep, highly recommend u watch this

  • am d
    am d   1 months ago

    Most memorable games of the women's world cup.....sorry my brain does not compute to such nonsense

  • Alper896
    Alper896   1 months ago

    The thailand gk is the worst gk i've ever seen.

  • deadman dude
    deadman dude   1 months ago

    The worst goalkeepers are in women's soccer. Hence anyone can score in the team

  • Soul
    Soul   1 months ago

    the squad from sweden are all blonds xdd

  • PolarRood
    PolarRood   1 months ago

    whats with all the own goals?

  • n0n1ck
    n0n1ck   1 months ago

    such a clown fiesta lol

  • Trapsy
    Trapsy   1 months ago

    SoCcEr aT ItS FiNeSt

  • DI4BL0
    DI4BL0   1 months ago

    Feminists: chef

  • Slava Blinkov
    Slava Blinkov   1 months ago

    I would have easily prevented 11 of 13 US goals against Thai.

  • ChaniBoyd
    ChaniBoyd   1 months ago

    Say GOOOOOLLLLL Huevonazaso

  • PkbXp
    PkbXp   1 months ago

    Ffs is it that hard to take a pen jesus

  • Sevou 2
    Sevou 2   1 months ago

    Goalkeeper in woman football is $omething else

  • i am lyric
    i am lyric   1 months ago

    how many og were in this tournament

  • Neel
    Neel   1 months ago

    Football should be a men’s exclusive sport.

  • Tophalf1967
    Tophalf1967   2 months ago

    There wasn't any memorable games Woman football is rubbish and boring. Its only happens to them moaning about it.

  • Ned_Filip
    Ned_Filip   2 months ago

    This is legit worse than sunday league

  • Ned_Filip
    Ned_Filip   2 months ago

    3:42 lmao she's got a better finish than phil jones

  • Dj34629
    Dj34629   2 months ago

    The goal keeper rule on penalties is bullsh*t! If VAR was so concerned about this they should've looked at the Scotland vs Japan game!!

  • Keith Byrne
    Keith Byrne   2 months ago

    A great World Cup Finals 🏆⚽️💯