Why Beautiful Things Make us Happy – Beauty Explained

  • Published on: 23 October 2018
  • It’s hard to define what makes something beautiful, but we seem to know beauty when we see it. Why is that and how does beauty affect our subconscious?

    This video was a collaboration with the creative agency Sagmeister & Walsh as a contribution to their upcoming Beauty exhibition at the MAK Vienna from October 23rd onwards. If you want to learn more about the impact of beauty and see tons of gorgeous installations and multi-media objects, go check it out on https://www.mak.at/en_sagmeister_walsh
    The Beauty exhibition will also be shown in the Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt from May 11th till September 15th.


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  • Runtime : 7:37
  • Beauty Beautiful Design Art Shape Form Golden Ration Symmetry Fractal Patterns Culture Architecture Survival Evolution Nature Painting Abstract Expressionism Mondrian Pollock Rothko Abstract Art Boredom Stress MAK Vienna MAK Frankfurt Sagmeister Walsh Sagmeister & Walsh Stefan Sagmeister Jessica Walsh


  • Bas de Jong
    Bas de Jong   3 hours ago

    I've been pondering about the reason why beauty is according to most people more important than having a clean or safe city... It's actually pretty obvious. With beauty, safety and cleanliness come almost automatically since something needs to be clean before it can be called beautiful. In this case I refer with 'clean' to the literal meaning of it with junk not all over the place, and being removed instead of piling up somewhere in a corner where it's not in the way, but still visible.To explain beauty being more important than clean or safe more properly I'll start with the cleanliness of a city. People often start throwing their waste on the street, because it isn't clean anyway which naturally lowers the limit for people to do so as well. This is easy to verify on a very small scale which will apply on a large scale as well: your own bedroom. If it's a mess you won't hold back to stuff something away on a shelve or somewhere on the floor as much as you would do in a clean room. A large scale example of this 'keeping a clean place clean' instinct like thing is one I've read about some years ago (which I still remember for some reason) is used to keep slums in a bit better shape, and to make it easier to improve the situation there. Which is done by painting the houses a bit, so everything would have a tidier appearance to it. Thanks to this the people living there are more likely to keep it cleaner for an extended amount of time, and maybe even start cleaning up whatever garbage is lying around eventually. This also makes it easier for charity organizations to travel around, and get to certain locations a bit faster.Now for the safety part which holds a strong connection to cleanliness. When your surroundings are beautiful with being clean playing a big part in it the area feels and likely is more orderly. With everything being more clean and orderly you feel safer being there, and with the residents feeling safer they're less prone to perform illegal actions since the area won't feel as dangerous as a messier version of the same area. Therefore they're less likely to act in terms of survival with danger not occupying one's thoughts.

  • Everyhting is a Mind game

    Beauty is what makes us feel good in our heads I dont know what's wrong with this sentence but it seems funny lol

  • Blazing Insanity
    Blazing Insanity   3 days ago

    Symmetry makes us happy, that’s why we put the ugly one in the motorbike sidecar.

  • Jerry Brice
    Jerry Brice   3 days ago

    Laying in a dark room viewing this marvelous video. Exhaling clouds of smoke which are expanding in swirls while being highlighted by the various shades of blue light from this video. Quite beautiful.

  • em
    em   6 days ago

    6:34 is the coolest animation!

  • jestes7
    jestes7   1 weeks ago

    I'm calling bullshit on this one. All speculative.

  • BlueXer
    BlueXer   1 weeks ago

    This video is so beautiful.

  • Ouch
    Ouch   1 weeks ago

    Me get depression lookin in the mirror

  • 15 Year Old Nerd
    15 Year Old Nerd   1 weeks ago

    Early humans: makes symmetrical toolsMe: they probably had ocd too

  • Carlos Chicuate
    Carlos Chicuate   1 weeks ago

    it's not the same song! at 2:49 it changes from the original one (the one in the video description) :@BTW after 2:49 it's my favorite part =(

  • Viixy
    Viixy   2 weeks ago

    The most beautiful thing ever is this amazing animation style, think it was the point.

  • Navale Aryaman
    Navale Aryaman   2 weeks ago

    The music around 2:100 is insane for some reasonActually throughout the video

  • Kevine Araujo
    Kevine Araujo   2 weeks ago

    i don't know you but i like to see new york buildings

  • Apurv Surya
    Apurv Surya   2 weeks ago

    Beautiful things don't make us happy...The things which makes us happy are considered beautiful by us.

  • Barlukyplay Quercus
    Barlukyplay Quercus   2 weeks ago

    this is the one of the best channels on youtube for me ! Videos are always so well done !

  • Alper Aksoy
    Alper Aksoy   2 weeks ago

    Seni görünceneden mutlu olduğumu öğrenmiş oldum.

  • Hot Devil
    Hot Devil   3 weeks ago

    What the fuck, a kurzgesagt video with no birds

  • R Banerjee
    R Banerjee   3 weeks ago

    Who else doesn’t understand modern art?

  • 임지수
    임지수   3 weeks ago

    But sometimes I feel sad when I see beautiful things. Because they don't belong to me or i don't belong to them..