Everything Wrong With Deadpool 2 In 19 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on: 04 October 2018
  • Deadpool 2 was pretty great. Better than most sequels. But like most of the best sequels... it does get SLIGHTLY less great on repeat viewings. But it's still awesome. But also sinful--as all movies are!

    Next week: Sins from 2000 and sins from 2018... both awful movies.

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Runtime : 21:4
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  • QR Dude
    QR Dude   3 hours ago

    putin is not bad you son of a bitch!!!!!!!!!

  • Anton Chigurh
    Anton Chigurh   19 hours ago

    Forgot the babysitter is high right now reference to amityville horror 🙁

  • Christopher Hearty
    Christopher Hearty   21 hours ago

    Some of the scenes weren’t in it when I watched it. Now I’m confused.

  • Slash And Trash
    Slash And Trash   2 days ago

    You sin Deadpool for seeing his dead girlfriend in heaven and desperately wants to hold her again? Because he makes jokes? You suck at this.

  • Farid Adam
    Farid Adam   2 days ago

    You need to make a new video for this.... most of the sins actually have meaning or were on purpose.😂

    CHAPMAN ELECTRIC   3 days ago

    Firstly why in the he** did the censorship bleep out words of this commentator like FU** or SH** or... wait a second.... who the HE** is censoring my SH*???"??? THIS IS BULL SH* !! WHAT IN THE FU*!!!!! Now my SH* is being censored??? What a bunch of a$$ HOLES!! OK. now the commentary was inpressive especially the part about faking an orgasm while having sex with your cousin. That was priceless and I will be using that statement over and over and.... a bunch more times after that last "over" time. I can't wait to tell my cousin that one tonight after dinner and sex. Ok. so the commentary about all the FU** ups on these amazing action and comedy movies. Could it possibly have been intentional to throw these "awe shits" in to see if there may actually be someone smart enough to catch them? Maybe a joke on top of a joke like the time they faked an orgasm while fucking their cousin? [See what I did there.... I used it the first time with you... Pretty bitchen, huh???]Yeah,. intentionally throwing in a bunch of shit that was in the wrong time or someone knowing something they didn't know... like our government, for example, is just another joke on one..... Or maybe they were smoking a bunch of that legal canabis .... it says I spelled that wrong but I 'll just say POT instead of hitting the "autosmell" icon.... but kind of like this commentary dude who actually found these fukc uips like that one.... too much time on someone's hands... and I wonder if he wants to hang out and drink some beer one day... I just wanna kick it and talk to this commentator for a few more than a few hours and laugh my ass off.... WELL DONE.

  • ImperiumXVII
    ImperiumXVII   5 days ago

    The conveniently shorting collar was because Cable shot it

  • Raymond Hartmeijer
    Raymond Hartmeijer   1 weeks ago

    Since we learn later DP is a fan of Dubstep, he's asking it to make sure he gets his Dubstep fix at some later date, even if it went out of fashion around 2011

  • roger sakey
    roger sakey   1 weeks ago

    The Guys Chasing deadpool towards the taxi are shooting in the air not at the taxi, you are welcome.

  • Aksplash Curry
    Aksplash Curry   1 weeks ago

    This movie is perfect nothing you say can change my mind.

  • Random Us3r
    Random Us3r   1 weeks ago

    20 mins on counting "mistakes" you are a next lvl nerd

  • Chip Johnson
    Chip Johnson   1 weeks ago

    I thought I was having severe memory issues because I didn't remember some of the scenes. Then it was mentioned it was the extended cut, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

  • AlmightySalt
    AlmightySalt   1 weeks ago

    I still can't tell if this guy genuinely dislikes the movie or if its just for content XD

    LAYLA Q   1 weeks ago

    One at a time itusXDDD

  • The Weekly Dose Of Gaming

    1 sin for police restraining DP because they asume he has awesome acuraccy power but they did not see any examples of said power

  • Shadow
    Shadow   1 weeks ago

    The most accurate description of this show:"Why can't this movie fucking stove correctly?"

  • Carlos DeNinno
    Carlos DeNinno   1 weeks ago

    Why is Russell's personality so similar to Randy's from The Hunt For The Wilderpeople, I know they're played by the same actor but they are SO similar. They both want to be gangsters and they they both have "criminal" backrounds and they both have someone who is trying to take them into custody for the WHOLE movie

  • David Walters
    David Walters   2 weeks ago

    The Ice Box is just north of Vancouver BC. It's clearly another overreach of the US and how the US acts like global terrorists, but any other nation acting the same is a rouge nation. Anyways, Before the pandemic, driving through the Vancouver BC area during normal daytime traffic might include a short cut past Stanley Park. I don't know why local Ryan Reynolds wouldn't use Stanley Park cameos more often. They still managed to screw up Vancouver BC geography.

  • Zane Colon
    Zane Colon   2 weeks ago

    most of these sins weren't thought out at all

  • Zane Colon
    Zane Colon   2 weeks ago

    6:32 they just put that scene there it was from a previous x-men movie

  • Ty Fletcher
    Ty Fletcher   2 weeks ago

    You think X-Men Last Stand had a better Juggernaut? Really? I know some people hate CGI on principle, but damn...

  • TheModernHeretic 777
    TheModernHeretic 777   2 weeks ago

    According to marvel time travel doesnt work that way so yeah marvel universe you just put your thumb up ya ass and suck on it

  • UnkownCon643
    UnkownCon643   2 weeks ago

    I dont care what the sins say its a great movie

    DAVE IS GOD   2 weeks ago

    actually he doesn't always need to regrow parts when he can re attach

    DAVE IS GOD   2 weeks ago

    not perfect & i don't care..greatest marvel movies & character was made for Reynolds

  • ED BOB
    ED BOB   2 weeks ago

    Lol this goes for 21 mins😂

  • Underboy 1207
    Underboy 1207   2 weeks ago

    Again I feel that Deadpool is actually holding cinema sins hostage.

  • mattihp
    mattihp   2 weeks ago

    You love this movie too much. Nothing about the bad CGI or voice acting for Colossus? Come on!

  • Ethan Manzi
    Ethan Manzi   2 weeks ago

    Cinema sins is how I get movie ratings now. Basically, a movie get's a point for every sin that's removed from it. It get's an extra point for every genuine complement on the movie. If only the CinemaSins person was real, and not just a detached floating voice that exists purely within the confines of YouTube.

  • Phoenix1220
    Phoenix1220   2 weeks ago

    15:00 does he? I thought he was just saying that because that's what happened to him