The Artificial Intelligence That Deleted A Century

  • Published on: 06 December 2018
  • In the last week of December, 2028, humanity forgot about more than a century of pop culture. You've probably never thought about it, and never found it strange — but the reason is an artificial intelligence called Earworm.

    ⏩ is a series of YouTube videos from a future.


    WRITTEN and NARRATED BY: Tom Scott
    ANIMATED BY: Jordan Husmann

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  • Runtime : 6:16
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott   9 months ago

    Viewers in the United States are reminded that comments must comply with the Coordinated Homeland Response to International Sedition and Treason Act of 2029.

  • Miyuden
    Miyuden   11 hours ago

    I rather would see humans getting super intelligent cyborgs instead of an AI playing god after being one day of its life already more intelligent than everyone else.

  • MagikGimp
    MagikGimp   1 days ago

    You've got to wonder if intelligence means being blind.

  • ToastySloth
    ToastySloth   2 days ago

    Iv'e been looking for this video for some time now. I thought maybe earworm deleted it. lel

  • Con
    Con   2 days ago

    When you realize this video might be about our reality but it's just been edited by earworm

  • Lyle K
    Lyle K   2 days ago

    God forbid if this AI or the technology of the mites ever get created. :)

  • Subraya K
    Subraya K   3 days ago

    This is not a future.This is the past.Artificial intelligence deleted 5000years old civilizations - Egyptian Harappan Mesopotamian Mayan et c.But it ultimately lost its own power source and got shutdown.Earworm is the next iteration.Alzheimer's is not a disease but AI learning to delete.

  • Jaseque 999
    Jaseque 999   4 days ago

    Imagine an AI that could basically run society. That would be great. Imagine making something like that.

  • S Odeste
    S Odeste   4 days ago

    I would love if this video was peppered with subtle pop culture references and puns

  • Bowl.
    Bowl.   4 days ago

    Earworm is an ai that isnt that bad in retrospective.

  • White Face #513
    White Face #513   5 days ago

    I CAN FIX THIS! I already exist in a computer and can be the rival AI! Then I'll finally get my recognition as the greatest fourth wall breaker, not that stupid Japanese schoolgirl!

  • MrRedstonefreedom
    MrRedstonefreedom   6 days ago

    So basically you're saying the greatest to threat to humanity is DRM?

  • Photelegy
    Photelegy   6 days ago

    Maybe it isn't a future but our past ...And we just forgot about it ...And there are no clues to find about it because of these nano-robots ...Just saying 😉

  • TKTS
    TKTS   6 days ago

    Bruh if I dont see 05 on this

  • MachineThatCreates
    MachineThatCreates   1 weeks ago

    This will keep the legals in work for years to come. How's this for a thought....If I am being controlled then surely... controller is responsible for my behavior. Yes? No?

  • Omnipitous
    Omnipitous   1 weeks ago

    Funny how man's most pervasive threat, religion, isn't even mentioned.

  • Kolas
    Kolas   1 weeks ago

    Totally wrong goal setting for an (artificial or organic) intelligence agent. It should be like "Propose ways to increase sales of our copyright products by XX% during next YY weeks".

  • Hawkorvan
    Hawkorvan   1 weeks ago

    3:36 "disruptive way, of making a spaghett"

  • Taylor Ford
    Taylor Ford   1 weeks ago

    If you'll excuse me I'm gonna go listen to The Beatles and be thankful the plot to Yesterday is not real.

  • David Corner
    David Corner   1 weeks ago

    I love hypotheses just like this. I had my own which i thought of one day that goes like this. Every human on the planet for some reason loses all memory so evey human has the memory of a new born, no language not even knowing how to walk what would happen to social structure an the concept of money and what would happen to religion if no one had any information to pass on.

  • Jmack 4275
    Jmack 4275   1 weeks ago

    Soooo am I going to die or what?

  • N Blachowicz
    N Blachowicz   1 weeks ago

    I didn't YouTube allowed videos this scary and disturbing to be uploaded.

  • maroin animelover
    maroin animelover   1 weeks ago

    I thought this was real for a moment and it freaked the hell out of me

  • Mr. Drake
    Mr. Drake   1 weeks ago

    well... dabbing doesn't exist now...earworm saved the future!

  • Reginald Uy
    Reginald Uy   1 weeks ago

    And people wonder why public support for copyright protection is at an all-time low.