Does 700-Year-Old Book Tell Us How to Escape Coronavirus?

  • Published on: 05 April 2020
  • An unusual best-seller has popped up on Amazon: a book that’s 700 years old. It’s “The Decameron” by Giovanni Boccaccio. Why is it suddenly so popular? Because its story of people escaping the Plague has a lot to do with our lives in the age of the coronavirus. Professor Martin Marafioti told, “Over the centuries, during other outbreaks of epidemic illness, the work has become relevant, over and over and over again.”
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  • Cute Panda
    Cute Panda   2 weeks ago

    I bet Netflix is gonna make a movie about this 😹😹

  • Kirsten Garsin
    Kirsten Garsin   1 months ago

    Also the Bible have a warning in plaques or viruses in Exodus

  • Miss Masonya
    Miss Masonya   1 months ago

    My heart is heavy for the church. Now is the time we all need to fall our faces and seek God's face. pray to the Lord Jesus in season & out of season. The good news is, God will not allow the Bride, the church, to be tricked. Our Redemption draws near. We will be caught up into Glory before tribulations fall upon this Earth. the church will be gone during the 7yrs of tribulation & during the rain of antichrist. So everybody stay focused on the Lord. keep your hearts pure. Praise Him and thank him for his sacrifice. We will be caught up very soon!

  • C. B.
    C. B.   1 months ago

    For people wondering when a book is older than 100 year olds the owner loses copyright ownership so if you want to read the book it should be free on the iTunes book store

  • Renee Howard
    Renee Howard   1 months ago

    So basically the book is telling us to keep tiktoking...

  • DUCKYS28
    DUCKYS28   1 months ago

    You want to know what some people did in the years of the plague they wiped them selfs

  • Jesse King
    Jesse King   1 months ago

    So we became immune to the fleas now the corona

  • Kinekogaming.
    Kinekogaming.   1 months ago

    The Black Death came from a rat with infections in Europe.

  • Lol
    Lol   1 months ago

    I literally yawned 20 times when the guy was talking about the book lol

    CΣΠTURIΩΠ   1 months ago

    Why there's Terraria soundrack in the backround?

  • Ty Røse
    Ty Røse   1 months ago

    Cabin Fever will be a new high

  • Ladd Ttt
    Ladd Ttt   1 months ago

    I just wanna go to Florida bruh.😔

  • Angel Lopez
    Angel Lopez   1 months ago

    Damnnn It’s that easy to trick people with some fake old book ? Damn 🥱

  • Anna Angel
    Anna Angel   1 months ago

    Ik a book that tells how what to do to get over this... the Bible ... it has all the answers ur looking for

  • Emiasis
    Emiasis   1 months ago

    "they told stories to pass time" SUUUURE

  • suhaily Hooi
    suhaily Hooi   1 months ago

    nope its telling us how the world is ending

  • Alex Lorenz
    Alex Lorenz   1 months ago

    Bro, JUST STAY HOME, IF YOU DON'T NEED TO GO OUT, STAY HOME!!! It's that simple!!

  • TheBest Boy1290
    TheBest Boy1290   1 months ago

    What the hell. No way. A book will actually save humanity

  • Aa BB
    Aa BB   1 months ago

    What’s happening INSIDEstupidity?Where’s Ur favorite SCAMMER drOz?Keep featuring him so U can help him SELL SCAM SUPPLEMENTS 😜🤪🤣💯👎

  • GachaRed Senpai
    GachaRed Senpai   1 months ago

    Just go read quran with meanings in english u van read it too there is alot of corono virus

  • Kalla H
    Kalla H   1 months ago

    They had stories and we have YouTube

  • bruh bruh
    bruh bruh   1 months ago

    As soon as the virus dies down ima go to the mall

    MAGNUS DAHL   1 months ago

    He’s from Italy and Italy is the most infected country

  • StarkillerGoose
    StarkillerGoose   1 months ago

    The best way to escape the coronavirus is global genocide. The virus can’t survive without if it can’t infect anyone

  • lil shrimp
    lil shrimp   1 months ago

    I click these videos so fast thinking there is some cure or vaccine 😐

  • MandoMadness
    MandoMadness   1 months ago

    There's is another way, the 4,000 year old book. The ancient Egyptians said: hid n temple

  • SpottyTurtle Gaming
    SpottyTurtle Gaming   1 months ago

    Nobody:Teachers during online school: its a nice day go play outside and have fun

  • R Saldivar
    R Saldivar   1 months ago

    How to avoid the virus, stop the ones that release viruses. Will we be able to? No, so there's nothing we can do but pray 🙏. Pray for the world.

  • lxst.
    lxst.   1 months ago

    Stop saying corona virus bc that’s what cardi b says