[ASMR] finally, some good freaking food

  • Published on: 03 December 2019
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  • Runtime : 20:18
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  • Jheda Marie Franco
    Jheda Marie Franco   2 hours ago

    Friend: so what are we gonna eat here?Me: you~Also me: litterally.

  • Crystal Smart
    Crystal Smart   11 hours ago

    Got anything that is not air cuss me and you are the only one that likes air

  • ꧁Deer Bleu꧂
    ꧁Deer Bleu꧂   12 hours ago

    When mom says we’re having pizza for dinner Finally, Some good freaking food

  • Absolute Insanity
    Absolute Insanity   3 days ago

    This is a weird theory but I think that the sounds that the "chunks of skin" make when held in the air is supposed to be blood dripping, but I honestly have no clue

  • Gavin Lee : D
    Gavin Lee : D   5 days ago

    This is canon is the Jojo’s ASMR lore, you get cut open, sound emits from the taken-out chunk, and he eats it.

  • Red_Knight24
    Red_Knight24   1 weeks ago

    Jesus it sounds like you’re eating cartilage

  • blondebAndit
    blondebAndit   1 weeks ago

    Jo I watch every day pls sub to me it would mean the world

  • •Foxy Gacha•
    •Foxy Gacha•   1 weeks ago

    Me: *falls asleep*Jojo: finally, some good freakin foodMe: *wakes up right when he says it*

  • Mistkaii
    Mistkaii   2 weeks ago

    Oh someone finally metaphorically thinks I’m a snack :3

  • Bubbers 214
    Bubbers 214   2 weeks ago

    When JoJo puts the soup spoon up to us, and moves it up, is he taking our snot and drinking it?

  • Silver676
    Silver676   3 weeks ago

    I like to imagine that there is a plate in front of him and he's having some nice steak

  • Joseph Wenzel
    Joseph Wenzel   3 weeks ago

    My friends always did say don't bite off more than you can chew...

  • Will Is Okay
    Will Is Okay   1 months ago

    1:26 : when you wear vans to school or bring a hydro flask:

  • JuiceFoxx
    JuiceFoxx   1 months ago

    My homie when she sees the assistant chemistry teacher

  • Jazmin _312
    Jazmin _312   1 months ago

    Eating asmr but eating air with a lot of tingles

  • Icecream Sandwitch
    Icecream Sandwitch   1 months ago

    My brain is silent.This is new.It was buzzing with thoughts until I came here.

  • ksi bt
    ksi bt   1 months ago

    DiD YoU JUSt EaT mE

  • Mohmmedxxkiller
    Mohmmedxxkiller   1 months ago

    Wow what a interesting video your sooooooo creative weirdest thing i ever seeen ;)

    ROBERT RAGONESE   1 months ago

    This is basically just another eating your toxic thoughts p.2

  • Chris Mulvey
    Chris Mulvey   1 months ago

    How tender does that food need to be for you to cut it with a butter knife.

  • ComedyRole6
    ComedyRole6   1 months ago

    Ppl before seeing the rest of Jojo's video's: Finally, some good freaking asmr.

  • Icecream Sandwitch
    Icecream Sandwitch   1 months ago

    What is Jojo eating during the grey gloves segment?Top Ten Questions Science STILL CAN'T ANSWER!

  • Icecream Sandwitch
    Icecream Sandwitch   1 months ago

    If my mom walks in during the blue gloves one more time I'm going to have a freaking stroke.