Preston Carter Tribute - Our Stillbirth Story

  • Published on: 07 May 2019
  • In loving memory of our miracle baby and answered prayer, Preston Carter Anderson, born sleeping April 9, 2019.

    Read more about my journey through loss, grief, joy and hope at
  • Runtime : 6:32
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  • Cali-girl40
    Cali-girl40   1 days ago

    Your life looks like a beautiful fairytale he looked like u

  • Cali-girl40
    Cali-girl40   1 days ago

    U are the cutest couple sorry for your loss ❤️

  • Kaela Belle
    Kaela Belle   2 days ago

    Oh, my goodness, babygirl. What a horrible thing you two bad to experience!! I am so incredibly sorry that you had to feel a pain this deep... Just try to hold your head high, and know that your sweet little boy is watching down on you both from the most beautiful place in the universe. You'll have a guardian angel looking over your shoulder for the rest of your lives, and he is so incredibly proud to call you his mommy and daddy. I can't tell you why this happened, because some things are too big for us to understand... But God has a plan for you! Please don't give up hope, because this is not the end... And because Preston would want you two to live the most fulfilling and happy lives possible ❤ This isn't the end, this is the beginning ❤ If you want my number, comment and let me know. You can call/text me at any time of day and I'll be here to listen to you, distract you or cry with you. You're not alone with this, babygirl ❤

  • mireyaaa
    mireyaaa   6 days ago

    She's now pregnant with their rainbow baby and I don't think I could be happier for them.Her blog is linked in the description box and she's updating regularly ♥️.

  • Lola Queen
    Lola Queen   1 weeks ago

    My daughter was born on the same day... I am so sorry for your loss😔 stay strong together! ❤

  • Happy Daze
    Happy Daze   1 weeks ago

    Sitting here 38 weeks pregnant wondering what exactly happened ??? You made it so far .. the baby was healthy... what happened??? Could i happen to me ?

  • stacimini
    stacimini   1 weeks ago

    What an incredibly touching tribute to your son. How heartbreaking he was born sleeping. I do hope you have been able to get pregnant again. There cannot be any pain greater than losing a child. 😓

  • Giovanna Meo
    Giovanna Meo   2 weeks ago

    I am a new mom, i have a 5 month old baby boy sleeping by my side right now and i am crying all my tears watching this! Why am i torturing myself with this video? My boy had his umbilical cord quite tight around his neck and doctors didnt notice it (38+5). (Bravo, docs!!) luckily i had my c-section scheduled that day and somehow he was perfectly fine!!! . And no brain damage! Lord was kind to us. I have a childhood friend who passed away from leukemia at age of 27, (we are 1990 girls) and a few days before going to the hospital i had a dream she was in the labor room with me and as soon as the baby was coming to the world she was taking him from my arms and hugging him. I like to think that with that dream she manifested herself! I am sure she was by my side during the csection and helping my baby with that umbilical cord. I really hope you guys might be blessed with another baby one day. Sending lots lots lots of love 💖

  • Sara Tillett
    Sara Tillett   2 weeks ago

    Sending prayers im so sorry . Beautifully done

  • Katelyn C
    Katelyn C   2 weeks ago

    I’m sending you so much love. Even a year later. God bless you. I will pray for you tonight.

  • libertygirl
    libertygirl   2 weeks ago

    This took my breath away. My son was born at 36 weeks with a true knot tight in his cord. He was rushed to the large children’s hospital and I couldn’t hold him for several days while they did extensive testing to see if he had suffered any neurological damage. He was cleared as neurological normal by the neonatal neurologist. I had a previous csection at 38 weeks with my first son after almost losing him to a partial placenta abruption. He was my miracle IVF baby. My 6 month old son born with the knot in his cord was a wonderful and unexpected surprise baby almost 8 years later. At 36 weeks, I suddenly got a horrible pain in my incision scar area radiating up my side. I went to the hospital and they sent me home with a painkiller prescription. I called my OB in tears and said I didn’t feel good about. Something was wrong and I was scared. He told me to meet him at the hospital. We got there and 45 minutes later my son was born, via csection, not breathing with a knot in his cord. They put him on the cpap and got him breathing but then he would stop again. Finally they got him stable breathing on his own but then he started spasming and they thought it was seizures so began our journey at the children’s hospital. I’m so so sorry, your baby died from a knot. The nurses and doctors told me my son would have most likely died if he hadn’t come out when he did. I’m so grateful for the pain in my old incision because it’s the only reason my doctor delivered him at 36 weeks. He was afraid I was having a uterine rupture. I wasn’t and we have no idea what caused the pain.I hope you will have another chance to be a mom on this earth and get to see your son in Heaven. I had three miscarriages. Two before oldest IVF baby and one in between him and my surprise natural conception. My second miscarriage was a baby girl at 18 weeks. I hope some day to be with her again as well.

  • Ani garibian
    Ani garibian   2 weeks ago

    The photo of you and your hubby with Jesus holding baby made me break down. That is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine what you must be going through

  • Shannon Escott
    Shannon Escott   3 weeks ago

    It breaks my heart to know how much they wanted their baby, conceited him, and then lost him. Then there are people out there that can have babies so easy, and then cause their baby’s death. In Jesus’ eyes, how can that be fair or right? Why do things like that happen? God bless this couple, and I hope they do have a baby. I know it will be tremendously loved.

  • D Barnett
    D Barnett   3 weeks ago

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Prayers to you and your family. I’m so fearful of this, as I’m 17 weeks along.

  • Isis Ramirez
    Isis Ramirez   1 months ago

    Oh, my Lord! I am so sorry for your lost.. I’m here balling. Just know that God will always be with you and he’s going to give you double blessing.. RIP angel you were Super loved

  • Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    This was your only video uploaded 11 months ago. You seem like a beautiful couple and I hope you’ve found peace in the knowledge your angel is in heaven. I also hope you both are well and have grown together through this. ☀️🌈

  • Aliya Anderson
    Aliya Anderson   1 months ago

    I have a uterine condition I was told I would never get pregnant, well I did. They gave baby a 40-60% chance of survival. She was born 37 weeks via emergency c-section. I had preeclampsia, my blood pressure was so high they told me I was going to have a seizure. They finally stabilized me and she was born hours later, she spent 3 weeks in NICU. She is now 8 months old. Miracles do happen, keep trying. ♥️

  • Aayakai DuBois
    Aayakai DuBois   1 months ago

    Aaaaaaaaaaw Hun my heart breaks for you both! I also have lost a precious angel taken from me by his father in a violent attack. This heartache is FOREVER our Angels have spread their wings & fly above us sending you the biggest hugs KIA KAHA

  • Jayashree Jothiprakash
    Jayashree Jothiprakash   1 months ago

    I’m going thru my second miscarriage, both were ivf and IUI pregnancies. Dealing with fertility is one problem and to top the miscarriage takes it whole new level.

  • Simply Cindy
    Simply Cindy   1 months ago

    This brought so many memories back, my baby was born sleeping on 4.6.2020. We were 35 weeks pregnant when I stopped feeling him move 😔. This video made me cry and miss my little man

  • Riquelby Torres
    Riquelby Torres   1 months ago

    I'm very sorry, you can trust that your baby is next to Jesus

  • Rachel El Abbady
    Rachel El Abbady   1 months ago

    So what happened?? He was full term and healthy, and then just died? What caused it, and if there are any warnings to soon to be moms then share please??Edit- ok I looked it up, and cord compression was the cause. There has to be something that can monitor umbilical cords during pregnancy, and if there isnt then it's time for it to be invented!

  • Andy Morris
    Andy Morris   1 months ago

    I’ve had three miscarriages myself and I know they are all with Jesus. They will never know fear or pain or heartache. They will only know LOVE and for that I am eternally grateful. May the Lord be with you always and may you be forever blessed❤️🙏🏼

  • Courtney C
    Courtney C   1 months ago

    Happy heavenly birthday!!! My son’s birthday is the 12th of April. He too was born sleeping. Mama bear and papa bear I give you so much love and so many hugs and prayers.

  • Just Grace
    Just Grace   1 months ago

    I love the hope you have in Jesus even after going through so much. He has you both covered in His blood. He is mighty to bless you. God bless you ! Thank you for sharing 💞

  • Christy Christy
    Christy Christy   1 months ago

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your beautiful baby boy. Your video was beautiful and touched me 😥

  • Mitzkey R
    Mitzkey R   1 months ago

    How did I end up here?But I'm not mad about it. I'm sorry for your loss and I hope that one day you will be able to see him at heaven ❤️

  • Elyce Budzynski
    Elyce Budzynski   1 months ago

    A year later.... prayers to you and your family. ♥️♥️🙏🏻

  • Lee Johnson
    Lee Johnson   2 months ago

    Oh my goodness I am so sorry for your loss. As soon as I watched that beautiful painting of Jesus carrying your baby I lost it 🥺😭 I’m 36 weeks pregnant and I couldn’t possibly imagine going through what you went through. Stay strong 🙏