I Left 5 Things In Rock Tumblers For 30 Days...

  • Published on: 15 February 2020
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  • Runtime : 28:54
  • tyler tube tylertube experiment testing rock tumblers leaving things in rock tumblers leaving things for 30 days


  • TylerTube
    TylerTube   1 months ago

    check out the podcast :) youtube.com/tylerungluedpodcast

  • UrsaMajorPrime
    UrsaMajorPrime   1 hours ago

    Man posts a rock tumbler video - opening sequence "I don't know anything about rocks." :joy:

  • Joe Fusco
    Joe Fusco   2 hours ago

    Did I miss the dice on week 4?

  • JakyllinaTheCat
    JakyllinaTheCat   6 hours ago

    If anything was polished... it would be clear or shiny

  • JakyllinaTheCat
    JakyllinaTheCat   6 hours ago

    13:30 now the all the rocks are slightly lookin like candies

  • JakyllinaTheCat
    JakyllinaTheCat   6 hours ago

    9:14 to he honest that looks like eother a piece of gum or pink gummie

  • Samuelisaking
    Samuelisaking   15 hours ago

    this video has ilegal stuff in it there’s a law that you can’t destroy money unless it’s for seince but i guess this is for sience

  • DragonOfAzkaban
    DragonOfAzkaban   16 hours ago

    He just THREW the DICE BAG. As a tabletop player my soul had been crushed.

  • Jonathan Witt
    Jonathan Witt   17 hours ago

    I found some broken pieces of colored glass bottles in the Bahamas that were weathered on the beach and looked pretty cool. I didn’t know what they were at first. Similar to the mason jar, but a thicker and colored.

  • Sierrebrarc
    Sierrebrarc   19 hours ago

    Without looking it up... If I recall... There are things you can add to the tumblers beside the grit that will help maintain better contact between the bigger pieces like the broken glass, and your grit. Like rubber balls or something. I suppose I should look it up... Nah, I'll let you do it.

  • Builder Dex
    Builder Dex   23 hours ago

    30 days of shaking the dice produces the most random roll!

  • skittleydo Kate
    skittleydo Kate   1 days ago

    Try tumbling them for one more week with grated bar soap we tumble rocks and agate and we always have gotten the best results that way

  • krembulum
    krembulum   1 days ago

    You should only use old, non-zinc pennies. Pre-1983.

  • The Cake
    The Cake   1 days ago

    This video should have been 10minutes

  • Archer Gahl
    Archer Gahl   1 days ago

    You should leave them all in with the aggressive grit for 30 days. It'd probably have a much greater impact

  • LightLock
    LightLock   1 days ago

    Wait can't he get in trouble for defacing government property aka money

  • Kevin Colwell
    Kevin Colwell   1 days ago

    Let's tumble a pile of old phones. iPhone vs Android vs Nokia.

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom   1 days ago

    Isn't it a felony to destroys currency like that... lol just saying

  • Ben Wangler
    Ben Wangler   1 days ago

    I bet the marbles got flat spots Because there was too many in together at once

  • vmes
    vmes   1 days ago

    would be cool if you got a penny from before they switched to zinc just to see.

  • Lol Rekt
    Lol Rekt   1 days ago

    23:19 ,"in my free time", what? watch it roll?

  • account01
    account01   1 days ago

    your polish expectations can be met only with a 3000+ grit

  • Nathan Bryner
    Nathan Bryner   2 days ago

    The pennies turn dark because they're coated with a tamper material.

  • M Kerlin
    M Kerlin   2 days ago

    You need cork to polish glass

  • Atria Wulf
    Atria Wulf   2 days ago

    Gotta buff things after polishing

  • Andrew Biggerstaff
    Andrew Biggerstaff   2 days ago

    I'm really confused as to why a guy who has no knowledge on rocks owns so many rock tumblersπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Kelly Lyman
    Kelly Lyman   2 days ago

    Try walnut shell media to finan polish shiny ?

  • Jace And Jace
    Jace And Jace   2 days ago

    The penny’s may be reacting to the aggregate and water and creating gas that is piping the lids off

  • CrappyPaintPapa
    CrappyPaintPapa   2 days ago

    this man turned his shower thoughts into a bucket list, what a mad lad

  • Xavier Fleming
    Xavier Fleming   2 days ago

    Could the marbles get small enough to fit and shoot out of a BB gun

  • L1qu1d S1lenc3r
    L1qu1d S1lenc3r   2 days ago

    I love how this guy is a complete moron. It totally adds to the quality of the content..

  • Alkatross
    Alkatross   2 days ago

    You can HARDly tell the difference between those rocks