Craziest Childhood Stories!!

  • Published on: 09 May 2017
  • A few days ago we were laughing our asses off talking about the how weird we were growing up, so, we wanted to tell you 10 of our craziest childhood stories. They explain why we do the insane things that we do hahahah.


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  • pojay mac and cheese

    i rode the bus and we dont have seat belts there only seat belts on the buses for the kids in wheel chairs

  • Sarah Hamill
    Sarah Hamill   4 days ago

    'Eyes in the mirror the whole time staring into our souls'My bus driver last year had a monitor thing on the front of the bus that beeped if he was getting too close to a car, he had this just so he could stare into the bus mirror the whole time he was drivingIs it bad that I did exactly the same thing the whole time I was on the busThat is, unbuckle my seatbelt and slide underneath all of the seats until I got caught and was made to sit at the front of the bus next to the kids with 24/7 blocked and runny noses

  • Honey lxoxox
    Honey lxoxox   6 days ago

    Am I the only who remembers stuff from when I was like 2 I'm not even joking but no one believes me

  • Alexa_123 A.
    Alexa_123 A.   1 weeks ago

    Omg this is so Hilarious my favorite story is Story #3

  • Lexie Deprospo
    Lexie Deprospo   1 weeks ago

    Dis vid is so funny I could die of laughter 😂😂

  • Daniel White
    Daniel White   1 weeks ago

    Who else thinks these stories are the funniest stories in the WORLD 🌎

  • Jessica C
    Jessica C   1 weeks ago

    11:53 pause They are so cuteee

  • harlynn k
    harlynn k   1 weeks ago

    0:19 "Hello my name is ethan- WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!?!"

  • Hillary B
    Hillary B   1 weeks ago

    who is watching this in 2020 during quarintine

  • Senna Brightman
    Senna Brightman   2 weeks ago

    Bro the babysitter story reminds me of the two kids I babysit, theyre brother and sister and for "fun" they kiss each other on the lips...idk whats wrong with them...uh yeah theyre a little weird

  • Olivia Gallegos
    Olivia Gallegos   2 weeks ago

    Imagine seeing a boy on crutches getting drop kicked by his twin brother on your way home from work

  • Olivia Gallegos
    Olivia Gallegos   2 weeks ago

    I cant remeber anything recent either lol I thought it was kinda normal

  • Kristin Mayer
    Kristin Mayer   2 weeks ago

    I remember when school buses had seat belts in WiScOnSin

  • mila vee
    mila vee   3 weeks ago

    Going on a Dolan twins marathon who’s with me?😀😂

  • iiiashlxnn
    iiiashlxnn   3 weeks ago

    e:he can only remember things 7+ yearsgray:remembers what they did yesterday 8years later

  • Tiana Beale
    Tiana Beale   3 weeks ago

    Lmao like u too are the funniest people on YouTube u guys literally make my day everyday😁

  • MK Harings
    MK Harings   3 weeks ago

    Did anyone see the hole in Grayson’s pants in the intro... down there

  • Bobbi Seichter
    Bobbi Seichter   3 weeks ago

    Dolan twins: telling the babysitter story Me: chilling in my bed at 3am trying so hard not to laugh so I don’t wake my parents up😂

  • Miros
    Miros   3 weeks ago

    Lucky babysitter 😂

  • Olivia Radford
    Olivia Radford   4 weeks ago

    did anyone else notice that grayson had a hole in his pants hahahhaha

  • Ella Hruschka
    Ella Hruschka   4 weeks ago

    Its okay I have short term memory loss too:(

  • AleXis Florez
    AleXis Florez   4 weeks ago

    I feel bad for their mom 😰 she must have been worried of y’all all the time 😱

  • Saidbh MacLean xx
    Saidbh MacLean xx   1 months ago

    so in my estate there is like a 7ft tall wall, and there was a tree growing next to it that me and a group of my friends would use to climb up onto the wall. so once we had all gotten onto the wall we would either take turns pushing each other off the wall, or swinging off a branch onto the ground. idk why we did it but we just did. and we were like 7 & 8 year olds. also i broke 4 of my fingers from doing it cause i landed on them, and my friend broke their arm. we would still push each other off the wall while we had the injuries lmao. i also messed up my knees so they have a condition in them now :) we were some smart children.

  • Kristy Hardy
    Kristy Hardy   1 months ago

    we dont have seat belts on our bus because just in case of emergency

  • Sidney Mac
    Sidney Mac   1 months ago

    LOL I was laughing the whole entire time